Get Ready to Set Foot at CAMP Curry!

Do you love camping AND curry? You can experience both in this camping-themed restaurant called Camp Curry! Hailed as one of Tokyo’s most-loved curry restaurant, Camp Curry serves tasty and healthy curry dishes which are cooked fresh upon order!

I, along with other bloggers/foodies attended Camp Curry’s Media Day at their second Philippine branch located at Ayala Malls Feliz. I know I shouldn’t assume but I really thought Camp Curry was an Indian restaurant. But since I haven’t tried Japanese curry before, I was very excited to take a bite!

But what exactly is Japanese curry? Though curry originated from India, curry was introduced in Japan by the British. Since then, curry has been reinvented to suit the Japanese taste. In fact, it is now regarded as one of Japan’s national food. The Japanese curry is also thicker and served on top of rice, over noodles, and stuffed in bread.

Getting hungry? Before I share with you the dishes, let me first introduce the…

man behind Camp Curry!

Takashi Sato has a passion for camping as well as a desire to introduce Japanese curry around the globe. In 2007, his dream came true and opened the first camp which specialises in vegetable curry behind an alley of Yoyogi, a neighbourhood in the northern part of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Because of their fresh and healthy dishes which you can see being prepared in their open kitchen, the Camp is very much loved by both locals and tourists. Now, they have 33 branches in Asia, two of which are in the Philippines.

Welcome to Camp Curry!

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The camp theme flows from the exterior to the interior of the restaurant. In fact, even the cutlery, plates and glasses, as well as water canister, fit perfectly. There also other elements that make the experience even better such as oil lamps, camping bags, the staff uniform making them look like legit camp counsellors and of course, my favourite part which is the open kitchen.

Every diner can have a glimpse of how their food is prepared. Speaking of which, below are the dishes we were able to sample.

There are five curry sauce choices available (original to spicy) which you can pair with their choices of Veggies & BBQ plates. We got to try the:

Cheesy Curry Series – Japanese curry topped with mozzarella and parmesan.

Super Spicy Curry Series – Camp Curry’s Japanese curry made extremely spicy.

For the Veggies & BBQ plates, we tried:

BBQ Chicken and Chunky Vegetables (Php 290)

BBQ Prawns and Chunky Vegetables (Php 420)

BBQ Pork Belly and Chunky Vegetables (Php 330)

BBQ Grills:

BBQ Pork Belly and Mashed Potatoes (Php 249)

BBQ Prawns and Mashed Potatoes (Php 330)

Camper’s Favourites:

Spicy Nachos (Php 250)

Camp’s French Toast (Php 190)

Camp’s S’more Special (Php 180)

Mango Lassi (Php 150)

New on the menu:

Kani Salad (Php 60)

Japanese Potato Salad (Php 60)

Yakisoba (Php 180)

Gyoza Cheese – 7pcs (Php 210)

Skillet Gyoza – 7pcs (Php 180)

Potato Croquette (Php 130)

Yakitori (Php 150)

Karaage – 5pcs (Php 180)

Fry: Comes in rice with your choice of curry

Curry Katsu (Php 320)

Curry Ebi Fry (Php 330)

Besides the fun camping theme, Camp Curry’s dishes do not disappoint. With their wide selection of dishes, you will surely find what suits your taste like I did.

For the curry sauce, I enjoyed their Super Spicy Curry. If you read my previous posts or know me personally, you probably know that I can’t handle spicy food well. I won’t deny that but Camp Curry has a very interesting drink that helped me enjoy the spiciness of the curry. It’s called Mango Lassi. It contains mangoes and yoghurt which helped take away the burning sensations.

I partnered the Super Spicy Curry with the BBQ Prawns and Chunky Vegetables as well as with the BBQ Pork Belly and Chunky Vegetables. The dishes are actually good as is but the spiciness from the curry added some extra flare.

Besides these heavy dishes, there are many other great additions to your meals especially if you’re dining with your family or friends. The Gyoza Cheese, Skillet Gyoza, Potato Croquette, and Yakitori are great for sharing. To end a hearty meal, the Camp’s French Toast’s warm and sugary taste is a perfect choice!

Are you ready for your food adventure at Camp Curry? If you’re not sure which dish to pick, be adventurous and try an unfamiliar flavour. Camp Curry’s counsellors are happy to help!

Happy camping!

Camp Curry: Ground Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, Dela Paz, Pasig City
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
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