The Zomato Gold Powerpacks

It’s February already and in case you are still sticking to your new year resolution of eating less, then here are some reasons to think again.

For the record, we launched Gold in 11 new cities in the last one year (pulling the global grand total to 23) — and received a fantastic response from each one of them. Goes without saying, Jakarta and Manila have been one of our biggest launches, yet. We always knew both these markets would be big for us but the response has been beyond overwhelming. In little over 2 months, we have crossed 100,000 memberships and have over 1200+ Gold partner restaurants. We are also super excited to welcome Auckland to the Gold family with New Zealand becoming country #6 for Gold.

A sincere thank you to every member and partner in all our markets. We promise to work harder and make the program even bigger and better for you in 2019.

While we continue to launch in new countries and continents, we also realise that we have to introduce variations of the product to ensure you’re getting the best out of Gold, in the way that suits your needs. Which is why we continuously ask for feedback from our users and this is what we often hear:

“I don’t eat out often”
“I forget to use my membership while dining out”
“It sounds too good to be true; I am unsure of my investment”
“Why don’t you have a trial option like other subscription products?”
“My friends/family have a membership so I don’t need it”

All these points got us thinking, so we went back to the drawing board. We’ve always believed that the simplicity of Gold is its USP so we’ve come up with something simple yet powerful.

Here’s introducing Gold Powerpacks

Powerpacks are ‘unlock’ packs that you can purchase based on your dining out habits. And they do not expire. Yes, you read that right. Gold has always been about getting more from life. And here’s much more than expected.

If you don’t eat out very often or are unsure of how many times you will end up using Gold over a fixed period of time or simply just want to test what Gold is then the Gold Powerpack is for you. Become a member by purchasing a starter pack of 3 unlocks. This pack allows you to use your member benefits — 2+2 on drinks or 1+1 on food — thrice at any Gold partner restaurant. These unlocks have no expiry date, which means you can enjoy the benefits as and when you want.

In other words, Gold Powerpacks = Food Currency

If you would like more unlocks in your kitty, there’s another option to upgrade to the ‘medium’ pack – 10 unlocks and again, no expiry. And for our loyalists, we continue to have the annual Gold membership plan with unlimited usage.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Gold is for you, we hope we have made it easier for you to decide. So really, the power is in your hands!

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