ORIGINAL CAKE, Famous Taiwanese Castella Cake Shop Opens First Branch in Manila

The soft and fluffy egg sponge cake people are raving about in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia is finally HERE! You can now savour and taste happiness which comes in original, golden cheese, and chocolate flavour. Oh, there’s Snowflake Crisp, too!

Founded in 2010, Original Cake opened its doors at Tamsui Old Street in northern Taiwan. Their traditional sponge cake is a classic and a favourite among Taiwanese locals. In fact, they have a total of three outlets in Taiwan and has expanded to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

So what makes their cakes special?

During the opening of Original Cake’s first branch in Manila, I was one of the bloggers who covered the event. (All thanks to SEO Hacker.) There I learned that Original Cake only uses simple and natural ingredients which includes quality eggs, fresh milk, vegetable oil, sugar, and flour. This plus proper baking techniques; not to mention, the absence of preservatives, ensure that the cakes at Original Cake are light, fluffy and moist.

You can also make sure that the cakes are all freshly-baked. In fact, you can see the cakes taken out of the oven and sliced right before your eyes. Don’t believe me? I have video evidence. 😉

The question now is, are the cakes good?


At the moment, Original Cake offers three flavours: original cake (Php 140), golden cheese cake (Php 180) and chocolate cake (Php 220) in the Philippines. But they will be bringing in new flavours in the coming months. Having tried all the available flavours, I can honestly say that they are good but each attracts a certain type of person.

Those who don’t like sweets will love the classic taste of the original cake. People who love sweets will like the rich flavour of the chocolate cake which is made with HERSHEY’s Chocolate. I like the latter, to be honest. But the flavour that really captured my heart is the golden cheese cake.

It’s fluffy and moist like the other two but the golden cheese cake has a far more interesting flavour brought by the sliced cheese filling as well as texture due to the cheese powder sprinkled on top!

Besides this, there’s also another product that’s worth a try – Snowflake Crisp with Cranberries (Php 380). Original Cake’s fresh baked series is light but if you want a healthier alternative, the Snowflake Crisp with the superfood cranberries are low in calories. BUT they are sweet, milky and crispy. I wouldn’t mind enjoying it alone, over tea or sharing them with my family and friends. *Who am I kidding? I CAN finish that bag in one sitting. 😉

Are you ready to savour and taste those soft and fluffy egg sponge cakes? You can find Original Cake at the Second Floor, SM City San Lazaro, Santa Cruz, Manila.

Happy eating!
Original Cake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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