Lovely Meals and Desserts at Icings Bakery & Cafe

The cafe’s teal and coffee brown color scheme doesn’t scream. Instead, it welcomes you to their quiet place where you can enjoy a lovely meal.

Before catching the Festival of Lights at the Vertis North Event Grounds, my family and I decided to have dinner first. Since the restaurants at the ground floor were already full, we went to the second level of the mall. That is where a simple yet Instagram-worthy bakery and cafe caught our attention.

The place is called Icings Bakery & Cafe established by Ceyli Tong in May 1993. Yes, they have been around for more than two decades and has branches in different cities in the metro – Las Piñas City, San Juan City, Taguig City and Quezon City.

I haven’t been to their other branches but the one at Vertis North features a teal and coffee brown color scheme. Though the colors doesn’t scream, it does invite and welcome you to their quiet place for a lovely meal. In fact, we were their first customer that evening and I can confirm that they offer their guests the perfect ambiance.

Their cafe is well-lit, clean and ventilated. The decors are well put together and are easy on the eye. Each table offers a good amount of space for the diners and staff. Speaking of which, I only saw two of their staff outside and they were very accommodating. The one who ushered us on our seat even helped me in assisting my abuelita (grandmother).

Now onto the FOOD.

For this trip, we ordered the following dishes:

Kani Clubhouse

Healthy clubhouse sandwich, kani crab stick, cucumber and fruits with Wasabi mayo

Chicken Waldorf Baguette

Icing’s special chicken salad with apples and walnut in a crusty baguette

Lemongrass Chicken

Chicken thigh fillet served with turmeric rice

Pork Tocino

Food Verdict

In all honesty, the dishes that we ordered at Icings Bakery & Cafe are very delicious. If you’re planning to visit, I highly recommend the Kani Clubhouse and Lemongrass Chicken.

Just by the description “healthy clubhouse sandwich, kani crab stick, cucumber and fruits with Wasabi mayo”, I bet you already have an idea how the Kani Clubhouse tastes. Sure, it sounds weird especially for people who don’t like wasabi or Japanese food, in general but trust me. The Wasabi mayo doesn’t overpower the overall taste. In fact, the flavors blend well together leaving your taste buds satisfied.

Do you prefer rice over a sandwich? Then go for the Lemongrass Chicken! Their lemongrass chicken thigh fillet is served with turmeric rice. When this dish arrived on our table, I wasn’t prepared at all for the wonderful aroma. When I tasted it, I was surprised by delicious flavor combination which filled my mouth after each bite.

To complete our lovely meal, we also tried one of their cakes. There were actually several choices. Seeing that my grandmother might not want a super sweet dessert, the staff suggested their sugar-free cake selections. Thus, we chose the strawberry cake. Though it has less sugar, the cake was not only light and fluffy but also very good. We never enjoyed a sugar-free cake like that before. With that, I am very excited to try their other cakes and pastries soon.

My rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Want to enjoy a lovely meal and sugar-free cakes with your family and friends? You can find Icings Bakery & Cafe at the 2nd Level of Ayala Malls Vertis North Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City
Happy eating!
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