December 2018 Blog Roundup + Welcoming 2019

Hola, amigos! Feliz Pascuas y Prospero Año Nuevo. 🙂

Sorry! I’ll be writing in full English starting now. It’s just that I’m spending a lot of time with my relatives and the main language is Chavacano which is making me confused at times. Should I answer in Filipino or Chavacano? Anyway, I’m glad to be writing this entry on New Year’s Eve because I get to take a very short break from all that!

Moving on! Do you remember the last thing I said on my November 2018 Blog Roundup + December Plans? Just a recap: My November was full on bad but it ended great which made me very hopeful and thus, leaving this statement.

“Let’s see where December takes me.”

I am happy to report that my December is/was great and I intend to bring the good things over to 2019. It has been a very long time since I felt that kind of joy. I literally went with the flow and I enjoyed every moment.

For more than 10 years, I guess, I keep counting the seconds because I have to make sure i get to everything for my family. This month, I got to do that and have fun at the same time. Sure, I didn’t have a grand vacation. Heck, I didn’t even leave the city or the country. But it was pure bliss. Thank you, universe! 🙂 Thank you, papa Jesus!

Blogger Life

For my second life. Yes, most people are living a double life and I mean that in a good way. 🙂 I want to share that I wrote several food reviews this month because I finally got the chance to attend a foodie meetup and also go out with my family and friends.

Full list of reviews here: November Food Reviews

For the foodie meetup, I got to experience this New Restaurant – Bistro Charlemagne at Ayala Malls Feliz. Since I do not live in the area, I decided to have a lunch with my family before the event. Cafe Perene caught my grandmother’s eye. ❤

Btw, have you seen SM North EDSA’s newest wing? Since I wanted to check their Art Walk, I brought my abuelita and ninong along and enjoyed a hearty feast at Hukad, North Towers. Oh, I also made a video about this!

Here you go!


Speaking of videos, have you been to Liwanag Park? It’s been raining a lot lately making it difficult for people to visit the park. If you haven’t had the chance yet, I have a walk through video on my YouTube channel as well as other family Christmas attractions in the north.

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Now for my last update. It’s about my film reviews. I really have to work on my schedule here. I know I’m already writing food review and making video but I really love watching films and sharing my thoughts.

For now, you can check my latest post featuring Filipino Films You Can Stream on NETFLIX Right Now. I’ve seen some of them in theatres and already wrote a review. If you want to read them, I have included the links as well.

I hope you enjoy reading and watching the videos!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Gracias, amigo!

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