Grand Burger – Central Kyoto

Here’s another entry from one of our FoodieViewsPH friends. Aside from “Katsukichi’s Tonkatsu and 500 Imari Ware Sobachoko Wall Display”, Charlie also discovered the go-to restaurant for Kyoto’s carnivores.

What’s That? Where’s That?

The place is called Grand Burger restaurant which is just a short walk east of the north end of the Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace Park. The burger cafe was launched in 2015 but before that burger lovers did not have a lot of options besides the usual international and local burger chains.

If you happen to be in the area and craving for burgers, this is the perfect place to visit. Just take note that the Grand Burger is just a few steps from the walls of the Imperial Palace. This means that people sightseeing will likely choose this spot. Since it is a simple restaurant with a chef and one waitress, serving time may take a while. But do not worry because it will be all worth it.

Grand Burger serves tasty burgers with toppings such as avocado and bacon. They also have set meals which include fries and coleslaw. In case you are worried, ordering won’t be a problem as their menu is available in both English and Japanese.

Happy travelling and eating!

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