Lin’s Kitchen Claypot and Noodle House

Lin’s Kitchen Claypot and Noodle House is located at the ground floor of Prime Hotel, one of the newest hotels in the heart of Quezon City. The hotel is the first hospitality business expansion of MEGA Global, the very same company behind the Best Sardines Company in the Philippines – MEGA Sardines and Lin’s Kitchen Claypot and Noodle House.

I first noticed this restaurant when I attended an event at this Hotel’s cozy rooftop bar – The Nautilus Bar back in July. When I left the hotel after the event, I saw that Lin’s Kitchen Claypot and Noodle House was still full. So when our family friend recommended the place, I thought why not dine there with my uncle and abuelita?

And, we did so last Sunday!

The Restaurant

The Cantonese restaurant opened its doors in 2016 with the main purpose of serving affordable, authentic, and delicious Chinese food in the city. On our first visit, we got to try the following dishes:

Fish Fillet Beancurd ₱250.00

Salt & Pepper Shrimps ₱300.00

Yangchow Fried Rice ₱350.00

Hakaw Shrimp ₱140.00

Tausi Spareribs ₱110.00

Mango Shake ₱120.00

Nutella Bubble Waffle with Ice Cream ₱150.00

I can honestly say that all the dishes we ordered were great. My favorite would be the Fish Fillet Beancurd. It’s very flavorful and there’s a good amount of mushroom, tofu and veggies. The dimsum are great, too! My uncle and my abuelita who has a delicate taste bud enjoyed their food as well. The travel time and money we paid was all worth it.

Although there are some hiccups. One. I wouldn’t suggest trying their dessert. Nutella Bubble Waffle with Ice Cream is a great dessert but their waffle wasn’t fluffy on the middle nor was it crispy on the edges. I didn’t enjoy it that much.

Two. When we entered the restaurant, the staff was huddled together at the counter. They did greet us but the first thing we saw was the table near the entrance. It wasn’t cleaned yet. I assume that the customer might have accidentally dropped the soy sauce bottle. I think it would be good to have someone check the tables once the customer leave to ensure everything is clean. To be fair, the restaurant is actually well-lit, ventilated and clean. That table was just a mess.

Despite that, our Sunday dinner at Lin’s Kitchen was great. The question now is, will we return? Definitely! They serve great food and their place is perfect for family dinners and special occasions.

Happy eating!

Lin’s Kitchen Claypot and Noodle House
Ground floor of Prime Hotel
#70 Sgt. Esguerra St. South Triangle, Quezon City

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