November 2018 Blog Roundup + December Plans

Hello friend, Clari here! Happy December 1st. I hope you’re doing well.

As mentioned in my October 2018 Blog Roundup, November is my blog and my birth month. We did a short giveaway wherein we raffled a bottle of Premium Dessert Wine. The winner has been  announced on my Instagram Story yesterday and I also commented on the Instagram post of the said giveaway.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed by the turn out. I wasn’t able to properly promote the giveaway as I had a family emergency a few days after launching the giveaway. That was on November 19th, my blog and my birthday. I ran it for 11 days because it signifies the 11th month.

Moreover, I had some promotions lined up as well as some small giveaways on the side. Sadly, I wasn’t able to run them as mi abuelita suddenly got weak and had to be confined. But she’s a bit fine now and we’re at home all thanks to God and the doctors as well as nurses at the E.R.

WOW! My birth month was a little rough on me 🙂 But I am glad and very thankful that November ended well. I hope that December would be better and so will the coming new year. I hope that things are well with you, my friend. If not, pretty sure better days are on their way. Just hope and trust God. 🙂

New YouTube Videos

Btw, here are some of  my new videos. Remember when I said I want to start November with a sweet post? Here’s the video. Wanna know more about these lovely cakes? Here’s my review.

Oh! Have you tried Tong Yang PLUS? This one was taken at their newest branch Tong Yang Plus – SM North where I had my birthday lunch. I highly recommend this place! Here’s my experience.

Food Posts

Also here are some restaurants I visited this month. Katsu Shokudo Ramen Restaurant – love their Shoyu Ramen – and Hing Chun Tea House – besides their food TRY their milk teas!

December 2018 Blogs & Vlogs

Let’s see where December takes me. But I do have plans, a lot of it! I hope this time I can make it happen. If you have suggestions, I’d be happy to read all about them. Comment it down below or send me a PM on social media or an email.


Talk to you soon!

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