Hing Chun Tea House, Newest Restaurant at Malakas Street

Have you been to Malakas Street in Diliman, Quezon City? You’ll probably say yes because that street features a well-known restaurant. I often visit that street because of that said restaurant; however, there’s now another reason.

That would be Hing Chun Tea House. This two-storey Chinese restaurant looks small on the outside. But once you’re in, you’ll see that the place offers a spacious open dining area for their guest. And if you’re celebrating an important milestone with the whole family and friends, they have two private rooms on the second floor. Each private room can fit 10 people which can be combined to accommodate more guests.

What about the food?

Well, Hing Chun Tea House offers a wide selection of dishes and we got to try the following dishes:

Westlake Beef Soup

Nasi Goreng Fried Rice

Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice

Stuffed Mushroom

Shrimp Duck Wok Noodles

Singaporean Bihon

Fish Tofu Tausi

Salt & Pepper Spareribs

Dimsum: Beef Ball, Kuchay Dumplings, Pork Siomai and Japanese Siomai with Century Egg

Yes, that’s a lot of dishes but there are more than 10 of us dining here. 🙂 The question now is how was the food? I say they’re all good but there are certain dishes that I enjoyed more starting with the Japanese Siomai with Century Egg.

I’ve eaten Japanese Siomai before but not this kind. This for me is a big level up in terms of taste and presentation. Besides this, I also enjoyed their Westlake Beef Soup. It truly warms your stomach!

Third would be the Nasi Goreng Fried Rice. It’s been awhile since I tasted Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian rice dish that contains meat and veggies. I always order this when I dine at Bali Hai Garden, an Indonesian restaurant in Quezon City (now closed). When I tasted Hing Chun Tea House’s version, I was not disappointed. The rice was cooked-well and the flavors were all there.

Another worth trying is the Singaporean Bihon. I haven’t tasted Singaporean Bihon before and its mild curry flavor really surprised me. But I did enjoy so I brought some home. When we added more calamansi and reheated it, it became even more flavorful.

Last but not least is of course, milk tea! Hing Chun Tea House offers very good milk teas. I chose the Okinawa Pudding Milk Tea and I will be coming back for this. Oh! I also got to taste their Genmaicha Milk Tea. I’m not familiar with tea but according to research, “Genmaicha is a Japanese brown rice green tea consisting of green tea combined with roasted popped brown rice.” If you love green tea, I suggest going for this. It’s unique and a pure delight!

Will I be back at Hing Chun Tea House? Sure, why not!


Hing Chun Tea House
86 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City
Hing Chun Tea House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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