Celebrate at Tong Yang Plus

I’m a North girl who enjoys buffets. Recently, I discovered that I also enjoy grilling and making my own shabu-shabu concoction. All thanks to THE PHILIPPINES’ LARGEST BARBEQUE & SHABU-SHABU CHAIN!

Tong Yang Plus is the newest restaurant under Pacific Apex Food Ventures Inc., the same group who owns and manages the following food concepts: Vikings Luxury Buffet, The Alley, Niu by Vikings, Nords Bread Hub, Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot as well as Tong Yang Hot Pot and Shabu-Shabu. Yes, everyone’s home during celebrations and other important milestones.

If you’re thinking Tong Yang Plus is just another buffet restaurant, I totally understand. When I first saw their space at The Block – SM North EDSA, I thought of the same thing. Why would I go to a restaurant that offers the same experience? When I passed by again early this month Tong Yang Plus was already open. They opened it last month and based on what I saw on the outside, they do seem to be very different. I was able to prove that when I decided to have my birthday lunch at their newest branch.

So what makes them different exactly? Let’s start with the:

Entrance, it’s grand!

Tong Yang Plus at The Block, SM North EDSA features a beautiful, light blue French windows giving you a glimpse of the inside. When you enter the place, you will be greeted by an enchanting arched garden trellis! Walking through that makes you feel special and welcome!

Every corner even the ceiling is Instagrammable

Their Parisian-inspired decorations made every corner even the ceilings Instagrammable. In fact, even the areas where the food and ingredients are displayed are beautiful. It reminds you of the indoor markets in Paris and Mercato Centrale Firenze. It also makes every food journey (by that I mean roaming around with a plate at hand and shopping for your hot plate and hotpot ingredients) enjoyable!

Your own mini pot!

Now let’s talk about their tables. Besides a hot plate grill in every table, each person has their own mini pot. Cool, eh? Once you’re ushered to your table they will give you (or you can ask if you’re too excited) a list of their soup choices for your hotpot. They have Laksa, Chicken, Sate, Sinigang, Malatang, Vegetable, Seafood and Chinese Herb. You are now free to choose whichever soup AND ingredients you want because you have your own pot!

Various stations + huge food selection

Now for the food. Tong Yang Plus has a huge selection of food which are categorized per station such as dessert station, hot pot and grill station, meat station, salad station and sauce station to name a few. Oh! If you happen to be at the meat station, they have Beef Karubi, Chuck Eye Roll, Striploin and Pork Belly. Just inform the staff assigned at that station which one you like and they will slice the meat right away!

The Verdict

My overall experience at Tong Yang Plus is very pleasant. But let me just say that some of the restaurants under Pacific Apex Food Ventures Inc. aren’t really for all ages as some can be very busy and cramped most of the time. However, I believe that Tong Yang Plus offers the proper setting for friends and families especially those with their grandparents.

I was actually with my grandmother plus I also saw a group of seniors on the other table enjoying their own hotpot. Because the elderly have a different to delicate sense of taste, having their own mini pot gives them the freedom to create their own hotpot concoction. And though the place can become crowded, their current arrangement allows people especially the elderly to roam with ease.

Do you want to experience the ultimate grill and hotpot experience with the whole family including your grandparents or your friends? I highly recommend Tong Yang Plus at The Block, SM North EDSA.

Happy eating!

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