TEApid Season? Why Not Prepare Your Own Milk Tea!

Though there are various tea shops in the country with prices ranging from Php60 to Php150, drinking it on a regular basis can be quite expensive. It can even get more expensive if you’re craving for more than one add-on. So what can you do if you’re on TEApid mode?


Prepare your own!

By the way, this post is not sponsored. I just enjoy Nestea’s milk tea flavored powdered drinks. It comes in Wintermelon, Hokkaido-style, Taro and Thai-style. I often drink Wintermelon because it is my ultimate fave when it comes to milk tea. Recently, I tried the Hokkaido-style, Thai-style and their newest flavor Taro. All three are delicious and very unique. If you love milk teas, you should really get one of each because it gives you a different kind of experience.

Having said that, are you ready to know how to prepare your own milk tea at home? If you want to keep things simple, just pour a sachet into a glass and add in a small amount of hot water. Stir until the powder has dissolved then add ice and cold water. But if you really want to level it up to saTEAsfy your milk tea craving, you can do that for a minimum of Php20.

Yes, you just need a minimum of Php20 because a sachet of Nestea’s milk tea flavored powdered drink costs Php10 to Php12. To complete the drink, you will also need pearls. Tapioca balls are the usual partner of milk teas but you can also use sago.

Sago is a smaller version of tapioca balls that become translucent when cooked. It is also more tender than the latter. Moreover, sago is used in rice cakes, coconut milk-based desserts and for refreshments like milk tea!

You can buy this at the market at a very cheap price. In fact, a 10-Peso of sago goes a long way! Cooking it is easy, too. There are various method but this is how we make ours because we use it right away.

  1. Boil a pot of water then slowly add in the sago. Take note, the amount of water should be slightly more than the sago.
  2. Make sure to stir it constantly until it becomes translucent. Take note that as the sago reaches that state, small dots will slowly appear at the center. Just continue cooking it until it becomes completely translucent.
  3. Once it’s cooked, add in some brown sugar. The amount depends on how sweet you want it to be and continue stirring. Take note that we want to reach a thick syrup texture here so don’t add too much water.
  4. Once the sago syrup is done, you can now scoop them onto a glass. Then add in the milk tea drink.

A little note. We added some ice to make the drink colder. We were wrong. If the pearls you’ll use is this small, I suggest preparing the milk tea drink first and place it in the fridge. When you mix it with the sago syrup, do not add ice. This way you will enjoy the drink and the syrup so much more.

Lastly, if there’s a leftover sago syrup you can eat it as is or add slices of mangoes. It’s so delish! 😉

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