Easy Champorado Recipe Using Native Gourmet’s Fine Roasted Cacao

Hello and welcome to our “Recipe Corner”. Today’s post is brought to us by Jean. She’s in charge of our recipe section but has been quite busy lately. Anyway, I shared with her the items I got at Ultra Super Green one of which is Native Gourmet’s Fine Roasted Cacao. We were feeling a little cold lately so she helped us make Champorado. – Clari

Feeling a little chilly lately? Well, it is already November which means the Christmas breeze is in! If your morning coffee isn’t enough, why not make yourself a warm bowl of champorado?

Champorado or tsamporado is a Filipino rice porridge made from glutinous rice cooked with cocoa powder or chocolate and sugar. It is topped with milk and often served with dried salted fish (tuyo) or dried meat (tapa). This Filipino dish is considered both a breakfast and a snack food.

In this recipe, we used an all-natural chocolate tablea by Native Gourmet. Tableya; tabliya or tablea is a cacao tablet used mainly to make hot chocolate. They come in flat or thick discs, balls and even squares. Native Gourmet’s all-natural chocolate tablea is made from organic roasted cacao beans and brown sugar. The discs are thick and very chocolaty perfect for that warm bowl of champorado.

Are you ready to make one? Here’s what you’ll need.

*Take note, you can adjust the recipe depending on how much you’re making. We made two batches – ¼ kilo and half a kilo. Here’s how we made the first batch.

  • ¼ kilo of glutinous rice (malagkit)
  • 2-3 Native Gourmet’s all-natural chocolate tablea
  • Evaporated milk

  1. In a deep pot (or whatever you have at home), add in the sticky rice (malagkit) and water. Take note the amount of water should enough for the rice to cook. While bringing the mixture to a boil, make sure that you stir it occasionally.  You can add in some water if needed.
  2. Once the sticky rice is cooked, add in some tablea. We used two discs of Native Gourmet’s all-natural chocolate tablea but eventually decided to add one more to make it more chocolaty. Again, make sure to stir regularly until the tablea has melted and continue to cook until you see that the sticky rice has become translucent.
  3. When the rice has reached that color, you can add some more sugar. But since Native Gourmet’s all-natural chocolate tablea is already sweetened with brown sugar, there’s absolutely no need. So you can let it cool for awhile. Once ready to serve, ladle onto a bowl and drizzle some evaporated milk and ENJOY!

Btw, there’s another way you can enjoy Native Gourmet’s all-natural chocolate tablea!

In every cup of water, add 1 choco tablet and bring to a boil. Make sure you stir until the tablet has melted. For a creamier consistency, simmer it for a few minutes. You can also add milk or peanut butter if you like.

If you’re interested to use this one, Clari got this at Ultra Super Green! She wrote a post about it last year – Where Everything is ULTRA SUPER GREEN!

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