Katsukichi’s Tonkatsu and 500 Imari Ware Sobachoko Wall Display

As mentioned in the title, Katsukichi specializes in tonkatsu (pork cutlets). Their chef makes sure that they only use fresh and top quality pork meeting Katsukichi’s standards. They’re also very particular with the ingredients they use.

Charlie, one of our FoodieViewsPH friend was able to try their tonkatsu on her recent trip to Japan and she totally enjoyed dining here. Their pork are really of top quality. They’re tender and flavorful, too.

Aside from their delicious tonkatsu, Katsukichi features something else. Refer to the photo below and look at the wall. What do you see?

Besides beautiful solid wood interior and a relaxing ambiance, Katsukichi also features a very interesting wall display. Those small bowls you see on the wall are 500 Imari-ware soba choko which are used for dipping soba buckwheat noodles.

According to research, Imari-ware also called Arita-ware is a Japanese porcelain made at the Arita kilns in Hizen province than began in 17th century. FoodieViewPh found this interesting because one of the most important minor arts in Japan is pottery and porcelain.

It was in late 16th or early 17th century that true porcelain making was introduced in Japan. Not only are these plates and bowls flawless but they are also smooth-glazed with asymetrical or brocadelike decoration. Their beauty is appreciated in their home as well as in the West. Though they’re made at the Arita kilns, the porcelains are shipped from the nearest seaport located in Imari. And that is why people overseas called these Imari ware.

Now, we don’t know when these 500 Imari-ware soba choko were made. But Katsukichi’s solid wood interior, relaxing ambiance and 500 Imari-ware soba choko wall display are a beautiful sight.


Want to see these upclose? You can visit Katsukichi at Shin Marunouchi Building (Shin Marubiru). This building opened in 2007 and features over 150 shops on it’s first five floors and over 40 restaurants from the 5th to the 7th floor. Also, make sure to try Katsukichi’s tonkatsu while you’re there! 😉

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