Love Milk Tea? Visit Malik’s Cafe – Congressional Tower Center

I was exploring Congressional Tower Center one morning when I heard kids laughing and the sound of water splashing which came from the far end of the building. (This is not a horror story, promise!) As I walked towards it, I saw a better view of the blue sky, a small view of the pool and a little space called Malik’s Cafe.

Named after one of the owners, Malik’s Cafe opened its first branch in 2017 at Banlat Road, Tandang Sora near St. Anthony Academy. In February of this year, they opened their second branch at a food park in Kalayaan Avenue. This branch which is located at the second floor of Congressional Tower Center is their third.

Take note that the building is new and there are still a lot of vacant spaces as well as developments. Despite those, Malik’s Cafe does offer serenity and a great view of the sky. They also have an adequate space for customers such as an indoor area which is air-conditioned and clean as well as an outdoor area.

When it comes to food and drinks, Malik’s Cafe doesn’t skimp on flavor. Their menu consists of rice meals, chicken wings & poppers, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and pastries as well as a selection of fruit tea, milk tea, chocolate and coffee.  Actually, we’ve been there twice and have also tried their delivery service. Below are the dishes and beverages we have tried:

Taro Milk Tea Php70 | Lychee Fruit Tea Php60 | Dark Choco – Rocksalt and Cheese Php100

Besides affordability, all of these taste really good. There are, of course dishes and drinks I would want to try again. First on my list is their Shawarma Rice Meal. Back in college, Shawarma Rice is my friends and I’s go-to meal due to its price, amount of serving and flavors. My perception on that remains because that familiar combination of meat cucumber, tomatoes, and rice still gives me the same satisfying feeling.

Another is their Garlic Bangus served with rice and egg. This may be a simple dish you can prepare at home but if you’re out and want one right away, Malik’s Cafe’s is a good choice. Their Garlic Bangus is really crispy and flavorful.

And if you don’t want rice, they offer pasta. I always go for Pesto because it’s my ultimate fave but their Carbonara captured my heart. If I’m not mistaken, they used penne and I like it that way because it wasn’t messy. So I was able to enjoy the richness and creaminess of the sauce.

For the beverage, Wintermelon Fruit Tea and Lychee Fruit Tea are the perfect thirst quenchers. These two works really well with the popping boba. Yes, that’s right. It’s not an add-on. Their drinks do come with popping boba. But there was a time when they ran out of it that they served my Dark Chocolate Milk Tea with the regular tapioca balls. I like the combination though but I really prefer the popping boba in fruit teas and milk teas with light flavors because it enhances the taste.

The question now is, will I return? Of course! Malik’s Cafe gives you the right atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea although I wish their chairs are more comfy. Anyway, students, young adults even families will surely love to hang out here. Their food and drinks are delicious and not pricey at all! 🙂

Are you ready to enjoy some tea? Grab your friends and/or family and head over to:
2/F Congressional Tower Center,
Congressional Avenue, Bahay Toro
Project 8, Quezon City


Happy eating!
Malik's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2 responses to “Love Milk Tea? Visit Malik’s Cafe – Congressional Tower Center”

  1. Sylvain Lechair Avatar
    Sylvain Lechair

    Love milk tea and these words: “Malik’s Cafe does offer serenity and a great view of the sky”.
    Thanks for this.

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