Kamay Kainan – Diliman: Eat-All-You-Can or Not?

The only time my family and I visit a buffet restaurant is during special occasions. The number one reason is practicality. If you’re celebrating with family and/or friends, buffets will save you time and money. You won’t need menus or wait for your order to arrive. All you need to do is grab a plate and your choice of food then eat and repeat. With the choices they have, you will surely reach a satisfying level of “busog”.

Besides these, birthday celebrants also get to enjoy freebies such as free meal and/or cake. Big groups can also avail of discounts. Take note that promos vary per restaurant but these are the usual promos you’ll see.

Already decided to enjoy a feast at a buffet restaurant?

Make sure you know the cuisine you want as there are several choices in the metro. Let’s say you want traditional meets modern cuisine. I’m pretty sure you know the place where you can get the best buffet experience. Like you, we’ve been there many times. But since there’s only three of us eating, we opted for a simple all Pinoy buffet.

The place we picked was Kamay Kainan in Kalayaan Avenue. Though the online reviews aren’t good, we still went. Our reason is: whenever we pass by, they’re almost always packed with diners.

So is it worth dining there?

That depends. If you’re just looking for a SIMPLE place to eat that offers classic Pinoy favorites such as Adobo, Dinuguan, Kare-Kare, Paella, Pansit, Tahong as well as Pinoy desserts, then yes. You can go for Kamay Kainan.

I have to warn you though. Do not expect too much because the dishes are just okay. Sure, Php 343.00 per person plus Php 60.00 for bottomless iced tea is not bad. I do actually appreciate the price and the variety of dishes; however, I think they can make their food taste even better.

Usually at buffets, there are dishes that I’ll keep eating besides dessert. Here, I can’t remember any dish that I liked besides the ‘minatamis na saging’. And to say I only like that one dessert is sad as I have an incredible sweet tooth.

Moving on. This specific branch has quite a lovely space. It just needs some tender loving care. Because when you say Filipino buffet you’ll instantly think about fiesta! Here I couldn’t say it’s a fiesta or even a feast despite the ample choices. I really do hope that Kamay Kainan make their place livelier as atmosphere is also part of the buffet experience.

Despite those shortcomings, their staff were nice and accommodating. Also, thank you to kuya guard for assisting my abuelita.

I guess the question now is, will I return to Kamay Kainan? Yes, I would like to give them another shot. I just hope that by then they have improved their dishes and made the place livelier. 😉

Happy eating!

Kamay Kainan
2 Malamig Street Corner Kalayaan Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

Kamay Kainan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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