Guilt-Free Snacks To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

I’ve been busy with work lately and I am so ready for the weekend. I’m actually planning a movie marathon this Friday night! Are you thinking of the same thing? Besides choosing which movie or series to binge-watch, make sure you also know which snacks to munch on.

I know, I know. Eating a tub of ice cream sounds fantastic. A slice of pizza would be good, too. However, you will be hanging on the couch all day. Wouldn’t it be better to eat snacks that will not only give you energy but also satisfy your taste buds?

Below is a list of guilt-free snacks I found at a one-stop shop for everything healthy:

Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps

This product comes in three flavors: Mango Banana, Guava Purple Yam Banana and Purple Yam Banana Coconut. Not only are they made with 100% natural fruit, they’re also gluten free, vegan friendly, kosher, halal and has no cholesterol.

Let me tell you that the said flavors are evident in each chip. It was very surprising and such a delight! If you have a sweet tooth, the Mango Banana is the perfect choice. The Guava Purple Yam Banana is good, too! What about the Purple Yam Banana Coconut? If you love coconuts, sure! 😉 Facebook Oh So Healthy

CrackleChips Salted Egg Potato Chips

CrackleChips has three variants. The one I tried is the Salted Egg Potato Chips. Yep, everyone’s favorite Salted Egg flavor! Honestly, I wasn’t around when people raved about “Salted Egg”. 😀 They still do actually. And now that I got to try it myself, I understand and fully support their love for it. Facebook CrackleChips

Chocoliz 70% Cacao Bar

There’s no room for bitterness because your healthy chocolate fix is here! The Chocoliz 70% Cacao Bar is a rich-tasting candy bar made from organic cacao grown in Luzon. The cacao bar underwent minimal processing retaining the cacao’s natural healthy benefits. So feel free to enjoy this treat while you watch a film. Facebook Chocoliz

The first three treats are well, ready to eat. If you prefer sandwiches or crackers as snacks, fret not because here are two guilt-free spreads.

Buko Foods USDA Organic Coconut Spread

Buko Foods USDA Organic Coconut Spreads in three flavours – Original, With Cacao, and With Sea Salt. Their spreads are made of 58% organic coconut milk and 42% organic coconut nectar. Also, they are baby safe, pregnancy safe, vegan and vegetarian. Facebook Buko Foods

Lick The Spoon Chocolate Dulce De Leche

If you love dulce de leche, Chef Arnold Bernardo’s flavored dulce de leche is a must-try. You can spread it on pancakes and sweet breads even pipe it on top of cupcakes or brownies. I personally spread it on top of my favorite biscuit and enjoy it as is! Facebook: Lick The Spoon

So, which guilt-free snack/s are you getting for your movie marathon or maybe during break time? Comment down below!

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