Malagos Chocolate Museum

Bebang, one of our FoodieViews PH friend went on a short vacation. One of the many activities she did was “make her own chocolate!”

Wanna make your own, too?

The place you need to visit is the Malagos Chocolate Museum in Malagos Garden Resort Davao. This is the first chocolate museum in the country and it opened its door on March 8, 2017. The museum has four sections you need to check out.

Museum Section: This area features everything you need to learn about cacao and chocolate-making. The infographics, AVP, audio lectures, and interactive displays will help you on your sweet journey.

The Interactive Zone: If you have kids, they can play games and meet Beanie, the Malagos Chocolate mascot.

The Chocolate Bar: This is our kind of bar! You can enjoy all sorts of Malagos Chocolate food and drinks.

The Malagos Chocolate Laboratory: Now this is where you can make your own chocolate! It costs Php 400 for 250 grams of chocolate. That’s good for 2. You will need to choose your molding tray then mix and blend in your chocolate with chili, durian candy bits, dried mango, pistachio, etc. Then it’s time to chill and the wrap it up. Or, chill then eat. Your choice!

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Malagos Chocolate Museum

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