Want Your Food Delivered The Right Way? Call the Delivery Guy!

I finally got the chance to try Metro Manila’s newest food delivery service. You may have heard of or seen this trusty guy driving around the metro. He wears a bright yellow polo and black bow tie.

Yep, he’s the Delivery Guy! And let me tell you that even though the weather was unpredictable that day, he did a great job delivering our food on time.

So what exactly is Delivery Guy?

DELIVERY GUY is a Filipino-owned delivery service by husband and wife Neil Castillo and Finina Marie Tugade-Castillo. If these names seem familiar, the couple is part-owner of the Japanese restaurant Ryu Ramen. Together they created that “go to” guy we need and deserve.

Let’s say you’re craving for chicken wings. Head over to www.deliveryguy.ph, answer the question, select the city and area then hit search.

They currently have more than 30 restaurant brands located in the Metro. You can click the restaurant and browse their menu. Once you’ve decided what to get, click the item and “add to order”.

Easy, right? You can do this online or on the go. Simply download the app on Google Play or the App store.

Slow internet? No worries because there is another way to order your food. You can call their hotline (02-488-7676) and ask for recommendations from their Delivery Guys and Gals.

Though I ordered using my laptop, I received a call from one of their team because the chicken wing flavor I chose was not available. I forgot her name but she’s very friendly, courteous and helpful. I’m 100% sure they would be happy to receive your call and help you find the suitable restaurant.

Btw, did you know that the Delivery Guy lets you pay any way you want to? Cash on delivery? Yes. Credit card online and on delivery? Sure! What about PayPal? Also a yes!

In addition, you can track your orders like you would your package or shipment. Yes, you read that right. The Delivery Guy website and app allows REAL TIME ORDER TRACKING. So no more wondering when or if your food will arrive.

The only problem I have though is the charge. First things first, I don’t mind the charge for orders below P500. If you check the restaurants listed, they’re not all fast food. I’m sure you’ll reach P500 so you won’t need to pay extra.

The P100 off-zone charges for restaurants beyond the 3-kilometer radius, a 10% delivery charge is my problem. I guess it’s because they only have around 30+ restaurant partners which are far from my area. According to reports, Delivery Guy is eyeing 150 partner restaurants by year’s end. Once they reach that goal, I think I will be able to find a restaurant that’s in my area scratching off that P100 off-zone charge.

The question now is, “Will I call the Delivery Guy again?” Of course! I love their list of partner restaurants. They offer real, good food that I can enjoy alone or with family and friends during special occasions. 🙂

Delivery Guy


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