Almon Marina: Gourmet Sandwich Shop, Salad & Deli

Craving for a simple meal like a warm bowl of soup and sandwich? Almon Marrina serves freshly made everyday soup and salad. They also have a selection of gourmet sandwiches inspired by cities around the world as well as a variety of pasta, Spanish-style slow cooked meals and mouthwatering grilled specialties.

Almon Marina started as a cold seafood & deli store. In 1990, it was turned into a gourmet sandwich shop, salad & deli that we now know. The shop has branches in various malls in the metro but this one is located at SM The Block.

If you’ve eaten here way back and notice something different that’s probably because this is at their new spot. From the front entrance of The Block, Almon Marina is now near the Hypermarket entrance.

I was informed by my friend that this is smaller than the previous space. Honestly, I kind of felt that while dining.

So I checked their past photos and compared it to now. The glass windows and door they used to have gave an illusion of bigger space. Now don’t get me wrong because I love their interior. The beautiful red and brown walls as well as unfinished wall design on the lower part adds character. Even without the windows or door, the place still looks welcoming.

Now onto the food. Almon Marina’s menu offers a wide variety. When my family and I were reading it, we got a little overwhelmed. Just when we thought we have decided what to get, we end up reading another and craving for that. It was a little though but we ended up getting the following.

Gourmet Combination

This combination consists of your choice of “lite” sandwich, soup of the day and a glass or citrus iced tea. They have various choices such as Sydney Special, Petaluma Treat, Manhattan’s Lunch, Almon Marina Special, New York, Boston Club or Pastrami on Rye but we settled for the New York Sandwich.


As you can see, the size is enough for one but can be shared with another person. There is also an ample amount of filling which by the way was very delicious. In addition, the Soup of the Day was perfectly creamy. For Php268, I feel this is a good deal.

Grilled Sausage

Besides the sandwich, we also tried their grilled sausage. Your choices are as follows: Hausmacher, Italian sausage, Frankfurter, Saucisson Venezia and Veal bratwurst which is served with whole wheat bread or rice pilaff and potato salad on the side.

We decided to get the Veal bratwurst served with rice pilaff and potato salad which costs Php245 – quite expensive to be honest! But if you purchase these sausages at the supermarket or gourmet grocers, you will probably pay the same amount for one pack which has four to five sausages. Good thing you’re paying not just for the juicy Veal bratwurst but for the completely delicious meal.

Herbed Salisbury Steak

Besides these two, we decided to get another of their grilled specialty. They actually have various choices such as Kebabs, Norwegian Salmon and Fillet Mignon but the Herbed Salisbury Steak sounds appetizing mainly because of the “herbed” part 😉 This is served with rice pilaff and potato salad.

For Php210, enjoying a mouthwatering tender beef topped with delicious gravy and mushrooms is not bad. It’s simple but satisfying.

What about their drinks? They offer some imported softdrinks and shakes. We ordered their Mango Shake, Watermelon Shake, and of course, my favorite drink of all – coffee! I saw their separate coffee menu and decided to try their Ice Mochaccino. It really woke me up! 🙂

If you’re looking for a simple yet lovely meal or just want to drink coffee and eat snack, add Almon Marina to your list. You won’t be disappointed!

P.S Their potato salad is to die for. Order it alone or better yet, find a combo you like with this on the side! You won’t regret it!

Happy eating!

Ground Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA,
Bago Bantay, Quezon City

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