SNOOPY Cha-ya, Kyoto Nishiki

Jackie, one of our foodie friends visited Kyoto, Japan. There she explored various places one of which is Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba).

This narrow, five block long shopping street features more than a hundred shops and restaurants earning them the name “Kyoto’s Kitchen”. This place is lively with fresh seafood, seasonal foods and many of Kyoto’s specialties.

Tako tamago: A small baby octopus with a quail’s egg which is both salty and sweet.

In the middle of these stalls is a cute SNOOPY-theme cafe. Yep, you’ll find Charlie Brown’s pet beagle here.

The cafe offers a variety of meals such as Snoopy Japanese style omelet rice salad with soup and Woodstock’s Japanese style curry. For dessert, they have Snoopy roaring tea chiffon cake, Snoopy grilled pancake, Woodstock Ise Hojo Tea Parfait and Uji Green Tea Warabimichi wich you can partner with Snoopy Matcha Latte or Snoopy roaring tea latte.

Cute, right?

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