Lorenzo Vacirca (2008) – Animation Short Film

Lorenzo Vacirca is a little struggling man willing to take even the most absurd of jobs in the hope of seeing his dream come true: buy a Svamp car (the old Fiat 500.). When he finally manges to buy the car of his dreams, Lorenzo’s life suddenly turns into “Technicolor” but an unpredictable event will end up destroying it all.

Lorenzo Vacirca (2008), an animation short and winner of the New Italian Cinema Events Award at the 55th Taormina Film Fest is a classic example of “simple approach but great impact.”

I say this because the point of the story is simple. Do not be a slave to material things. Chasing and cherishing material possessions more than yourself is not a good way to live your life. Simple, right? But this animation short winner was able to present everyone’s reality.

You see, our protagonist wants to have a car so he works hard, very hard to save up. In fact, he has more than one job a day. The problem with him is that he was so focused on that goal. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to focus but he lost sight of what is important.

When he lost all of his job, he didn’t think twice and gave up all his other belongings. He sold his furniture which gave him enough money to buy his dream car. And at that moment, the screen turns from black and white to technicolor as he can now enjoy life.

But really? Is this how we should live? Life is unpredictable. Life can be cruel. But life is beautiful and Lorenzo Vacirca gave us a very important lesson. 4/5

Catch Lorenzo Vacirca on FILMDOO.COM.

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