Welcome to Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café – Tagaytay City

Last weekend, two of our FoodieViewsPH friends (Suze and Ayen) went  to Tagaytay City. There they discovered Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café, a homey place targeted to all dreamers as well as doers, thinkers, artists and crafters.

Just look at that lovely interior and colorful decorations. Everywhere you look you’ll find something that would brighten your day – dreamcatchers of every color and size, inspirational quotes as well as arts & crafts (that you can buy).  Even the tables, seats and stairs don’t break theme.

Indeed, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café will inspire you to dream and conquer. What’s great about this is they won’t let you conquer the world on an empty stomach! 😉

Take note that the main attraction is their arts & crafts and their food is their secondary offering. Moreover, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café is not a a fast food chain which means that they cook your food upon ordering. Though it might take a while (depending on your order), you’ll get to eat good food cooked with love and NO preservatives.

The café serves Dreamer’s Starters, Dreamer’s Combo Meals, Dreamer’s Squad Meals, Dreamer’s Heavy Hearty Meals, Pasta-inna-Taza, some Indie Healthy Coolers and of course, some Dreamer’s Delights.

For this trip, our foodies tried their Nachos, Lasagna and Tapa as well as Mango and Mango Banana Shake (no picture).

Despite the warning that they “cook slow”, the service was fast and people were accommodating as reflected in their café’s ambiance. Actually, even if they don’t serve your food fast there are multiple things to do there. You can explore the place, check out the items and take pictures.

What about the food, you ask? Though simple, the food was good and serving ample. But what made the food taste even better was the company that day and the perfect environment Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café provided.

Do you want to visit Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café? You can find them at Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay City

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Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Btw, they’re open 24/7 oh, and they don’t have WiFi 😉
Well, you won’t need it anyways! Enjoy the food and the place.

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