Utoy’s Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Pares, atbp.

Summer is upon us but sometimes we just want to enjoy a bowl of warm, savory, and thick lomi. Wanna know where you can get that delicious bowl? Try Utoy’s Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Pares, atbp.

Though small, this eatery along Visayas Avenue has enough space for their diners. They have a designated area inside and also a couple of tables and chairs outside (not photographed). Take note that the place doesn’t have air-conditioning but they have electric fans. Plus, it’s somewhat an open-air eatery so you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather.

Now onto food! Utoy’s offer Batangas Lomi that comes in Regular, Special, Super, Pares, Lechon or Chicken Lomi. They also have Bulalo, some short orders of Beef Pares and the like as well as All-Day Breakfast choices and Sizzling Plates.

For this trip, we ordered some Special Lomi, Tapsilog and Omu Rice. As you can see they have an ample serving. The Special Lomi is packed not just with thick fresh egg noodles but also with eggs, kikiam, fish balls and liver topped with a generous amount of chicharon.

The Tapsilog, on the other hand, also have a decent amount which is perfect for one person.

The Omu Rice? Well, there’s really a lot going on with this dish because it consists of fried eggs, strips of chicken covered with cream sauce and usually finished with ketchup. This is good for one person but you can actually share it with someone.

But are they delicious though?

These three are okay; not to mention, the prices of all dishes are budget-friendly. There is really nothing special or spectacular. But since our first visit was good, we will definitely return. We’re actually looking forward on trying their Kimchi Rice, Porterhouse on Sizzling Plate and some of their dessert.

Are you ready to try Utoy’s Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Pares, atbp.?
You can find them at: 27 Visayas Ave, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila
Utoy's Batangas Lomi, Bulalo, Atbp. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Happy eating!

P.S To beat the heat, try their Cucumber Iced Tea. It’s simple but very refreshing!


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