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Mobile Photography Tips on Taking the Best Food Shot

My smartphone is my best friend. Whenever I’m out with family/friends or attending foodie meet ups, I only use my smartphone to take pictures. Why wouldn’t I? They are way lighter than digital cameras especially those bulky DSLRs. Most importantly, smartphones ARE capable of taking amazing photos.

Don’t believe me? Check my Instagram account. All the food photos you see there were taken using a smartphone.

At first, I was a bit hesitant and wanted to save up for a proper camera. But I realized that if I can’t always bring it with me, let alone use it then there’s no point. Clearly, using a smartphone fits my lifestyle perfectly so overtime I learned to understand my device and love mobile photography.

Are you interested to know how? Here are four simple mobile photography tips on taking the best food shot.

1. Don’t be shy! Get to know your phone.

Understanding your device is essential in mobile photography. So get ready to take some indoor shots as well as outdoor ones. Since not all devices are equal, this activity will help you know your smartphone’s strengths and weakness. Once you discover the strengths, use it to your advantage.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Just because you’re using a smartphone doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. In fact, the size and weight of the smartphone gives you more freedom to explore different angles. You can even add in some elements or use what’s presently there.

Here’s an example:


Picture 1: Take note that I only bought the ice cream and the rest of the elements I added – a bottle of wine, a wine glass, grapes and a towel – were items which I already had at home. I chose to add them because it makes sense. Picture 2: I was outside when I took this photo. Since I was drinking cola and there was a bottle of hot sauce, I added them in because again it makes sense.  And since it’s pizza, what better way to capture it than a bird’s-eye view. Picture 3: I decided to keep it simple so I only used morning light to add some drama.

Again, don’t be afraid experiment as this will help you discover your unique style.

3. MOVE! Don’t zoom.

Yes. The ability to zoom in is present on all devices. But if you can walk and get a little closer to the food that would be great! I’ve been told many times that my photos makes them hungry. Since you’re subject is food, make sure people see it and want to eat it. 😉

4. You can edit but DO NOT over-process.

I personally like to add some drama to some photos so I use an app to make some minor adjustments. Sometimes I would go as far as this.

But most of the time, I keep things simple as over-processing can ruin the subject.

Simple and easy, right?

My question for you is… Are you ready to delve into mobile photography?

If not, perhaps you’re planning to upgrade by buying a new smartphone to help you in this journey? Then check out the #OPPOF5. It has a 20MP A.I. beauty front camera. If you love taking selfies with family, friends or fellow foodies, this smartphone can surely #CaptureTheRealYou.

What about food shots, you ask?  No worries! With OPPO F5’s 16MP rear camera and F1.8 aperture, taking photos even at low light conditions won’t be a problem.

Now…  Are YOU ready to shoot?

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