A New Kind of Magic at the Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Sugar, spice and everything nice. Those were the words that came to mind when I passed by a unicorn cafe in Maginhawa St., Teachers Village East.

Last Friday night, Clari (the main blogger and also my niece), Chloe (my daughter) and I went on a random food trip. But before that we first visited The Wander Space to purchase some items. If you’re curious what that place is, Clari has written a review and I soon will.

Anyway, on our way up we passed by a colorful place. I didn’t know what the place was but it was quite magical. There were colorful walls and displays; not to mention, a number of My Little Pony plush toys. Upon seeing those, my daughter Chloe instantly took an interest so we decided to dine in after some errand.

Rainbow Dreams Cafe

The place is called Rainbow Dreams Cafe,  Maginhawa’s first unicorn cafe. The place isn’t huge but has an ample space for dinners. It is also clean, well-ventilated and filled with beautiful vibes from the windows to the special “unicorn” stage.

Yes, there is a special place where diners are free to take pictures. They can also wear unicorn onesies if they want to. There are onesies for both kids and adults. So don’t be shy if you’re young at heart because Rainbow Dreams Cafe is basically for everyone.

Besides the magical experience, Rainbow Dreams Cafe also offers rainbow-themed treats which are surprisingly great. Sure they’re colorful and all but let me tell you that the flavors are great.

My daughter loves their Carbonara. It’s made of unicorn pasta in carbonara sauce topped with ham and cheese served with star toast. Clari, on the other hand, loved their Hungarian Sausage. It’s meaty, flavorful with a hint of spice. It’s served with egg and rice.

Pretty Carbonara – Check video for image
Hungarian Sausage

When it comes to shakes, we all agree that they have the most magical tasting shakes. I think whichever you choose it’s gonna be delicious.

Our trip to Rainbow Dreams Cafe was really fun. The food is good but the magical experience made the whole thing great. The question now is will we come back?

Of course! Rainbow Dreams Cafe is a great place to enjoy a simple meal and bond with the whole family. If you have kids, make sure to take them here once in a while. The place will surely make them AND you HAPPY!

Here’s a full video of our trip. Make sure to subscribe to our channel!

Fill your day with rainbows and unicorns! 🌈
Happy eating!

Rainbow Dreams Cafe
80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
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