Landers Superstore and This Thing Called “Membership Shopping”

June 2017 marks the first anniversary of Landers Superstore. To celebrate year one, Landers launched a Super Crazy Sale and offered a 50% off on membership renewal as well as a BUY1 TAKE1 on new membership.

This Thing Called “Membership Shopping”

Though regular groceries and the old market are both enough for my family and I, we do sometimes indulge in this thing called “membership shopping”.

One, it’s fun to discover and try new products. Two, they have the items that are not always available in local markets. Three, they sometimes offer local items at a cheaper price. And four, they have super deals such as BUY 1, TAKE 1 and discounts!

I believe the first membership shopping experience we had was at Makro. Do you still remember that place where shopping carts are so annoyingly big making you feel like you’re the one doing the delivery? It was the perfect shopping destination for low priced, quality wholesale goods. Unfortunately, Makro was re-branded as SM Hypermart in 2009 when the concept of wholesale buying no longer appealed to consumers.

Fast forward to 2012, membership shopping came back giving consumers an upgraded experience. Yes, you guessed it. S&R, the first player is a membership-shopping club modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains introduced in the US. They offer world class shopping experience as well as food service with their piping hot New York style pizzas and more.

We love shopping there; however, due to traffic congestion we rarely visit them. One Sunday, we planned on shopping there because we needed some chia seeds. It was too difficult to enter the area that time because the road side was being fixed so we passed by it leading us to Landers Superstore.

Landers Superstore

After hearing from a friend about their BUY1 TAKE1 on new membership and confirming they sell chia seeds, we grabbed the opportunity and filled up a form. Why wouldn’t we? It’s a BUY1 TAKE1 on new membership which means you only need to pay one membership for two people. Crazy cool, right?

Landers Superstore may have recently entered the scene but just like S&R, they also offer top-notch imported goods as well as quality local products. And being a superstore that they are, Landers amped-up the game by giving members more than just shopping.

Members can also dine at Landers Central, drink coffee at Doppio cafe, cut their hair at Federal Barbers, and gas up at their very own Caltex gas station!

After filling up and submitting the form, we sat in their very cozy chair and waited for our name to be called. It only took less than 15 minutes and boom – we’re already grabbing a cart and heading inside the shopping area.

The Superstore

It was surprisingly big, will-lit, clean and there’s an abundance of imported products; not to mention, great deals and discounts.

Indeed, membership shopping has come a long way. But there are two questions that keeps popping in my mind. One, will it stay forever like the regular groceries and the old market everyone is used to? And two, are there more coming?

I know IKEA is. But then IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. It’s not in direct competition with S&R and Landers.

But who knows? One day there might be a new player. For now, we’re going to enjoy the great deals and unique products Landers Superstore has to offer.

P.S There is a waiting area at the entrance with several chairs perfect for our amazing grandparents!


Happy shopping!

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