5 Reasons Why This Food Park is a Kid-Friendly PitStop

Have you read Clari’s PitStop Media Launch round up? How about our video on YouTube – have you watched it? Yes? Great! Let’s get on with my thoughts and observations.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, I brought my two kids. While Clari was busy with the “special road trip”, I took the chance to check out the whole park. So what makes PitStop Food Park kid-friendly, you ask?

Well, there are five reasons.

1. The fun and unique motor racing theme

Motor racing theme is not only for dads or adults in general because it’s also for kids! The food park’s design elements are very detailed from the Start and Finish Line banners to the street signs. My son enjoyed exploring every corner. Plus it’s quite educational, too!

The little ones are not yet informed with things such as traffic signs and road safety. So when my son asked what does this sign mean, I quickly explained it even the meaning of each traffic light color.

2. The space in between

The PitStop Food Park is neither big nor small –it’s just right. It’s also worth mentioning that they utilized their space fairly well. The food stalls are on the side and in the middle leaving a perfect space in between for people to pass.

Now, not only do I find this very kid-friendly but also safe for all diners. Kids love to explore. But since they’re small, people won’t notice them instantly which makes it dangerous for both. The space in between gives the diners a little bit more area to explore the stalls.

3. More food choices for kids

Based on experience, there are only a few parks that offer a lot of food kids will love. Also let’s be honest, kids can be as choosy as adults. At PitStop, there are several stalls my kids loved starting with Masta Pasta’s pizza. Thirsty Heroes’ colorful drinks and Chinder’s nitrogen-infused dessert are also a hit. Fruit Locker’s a good choice too as well as Tokyo Tempura.

4. Instagram-worthy spots

As mentioned, there is a middle area where seven stalls are situated. Each corner offers an Instagram-worthy spot perfect for picture taking. Moms would really enjoy taking photos of their kids on those areas. Besides that, the stoplights and street signs are great elements for a great family photo.

5. Parking and Safety

Again based on experience, not all food parks offer ample parking space. Good thing, PitStop has a designated area and a security guard. Another bonus point would be the access of public transportation. Are you familiar with the Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport (COMET)? It’s a fully-electric, 20-seater CITY SHUTTLE and they pass by the area. This means that bringing the kids will be easy!

Ready to bring your kids and the whole family to PitStop Food Park? You can find them at Congressional Extension, Quezon City.

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