Feel Free to Wander at The Wander Space

At 80 Maginhawa Street you will find a place that will give you a unique shopping and dining experience. Yes, you read that right! The place is called The Wander Space but if you love to travel or appreciate art, you will call it your haven.

The Wander Space is a concept store slash cafe. They support and feature various products created by local artists and craft makers.

Upon entering you’ll be greeted by a wonderful setting that will surely inspire you. There are dream catchers on the left as well as t-shirts and swimsuits. On the right, you will find some plants, journals and bags. At the center are more cool items and trinkets.

After checking their fabulous locally made products, make sure to stop, look up and appreciate the beautiful lights and paper planes.

Once you are ready to chill, head on back for some lovely drink and dessert.

Mmmm & Aahhh

Unlike usual cafes, The Wander Space offers a simpler and comfier ambiance. I brought my laptop during my visit. Since I had some work to finish, I grabbed the chance to experience the (WiFi and) serenity.

To help me complete my task, I tried one of the cafe’s delicious drink and dessert combos. Drinks such as Iced Dark Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Iced Cacao Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea and Brewed Coffee can be partnered with Nutella Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip Brownie or Lemon Cheesecake Square.

I chose Iced Coffee with Chocolate Chip Brownie because coffee and chocolate. Hello?! 😉 Moreover, the cafe is not only for coffee and chocolate lovers but also for people who loves silence. It’s really a great place for reading, working or shutting the world out for just a few.

Ensaymadas & Iced Cacao Tea

Besides the combos, you can also go à la carte. The Wander Space has quite a selection of delectable pastries from Pastry Armoire. They have Salted Caramel Opera Cake, Reggiano Sticky Bun and Mini Matcha Blondie. I must say, you SHOULD definitely try the Matcha Blondie. The matcha green tea is already good but the added white chocolate chips gave it more texture and flavor!

Want to try something new? Go for Pastry Armoire’s Premium Ensaymadas – soft, moist and topped with assorted flavors. You can partner these with Iced Dark Chocolate or Brewed Coffee.

I prefer the latter but there’s a drink that I would also like to recommend – Iced Cacao Tea. First sip of this concoction was a surprise. The second, third and so on were pure happiness. This is due to the refreshing calamansi and honey blend with cacao nibs. It’s a really interesting drink and totally worth it.

To summarize, The Wander Space concept store and cafe is a cool place that emits nothing but positive energy. I really enjoyed my visit and would love YOU to experience it as well.

Are you ready for a WANDERful GIVEAWAY? STAY TUNED!

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The Wander Space
80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Quezon City

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