Revisiting Our Favorites and Trying Out BonChon’s Classic Ko-dogs

Do you remember the year BonChon arrived in the Philippines? BonChon Global arrived in SouthEast Asia in 2010 where they opened the first store in Thailand then in the Philippines.

After the news and reviews broke, everyone was so excited to experience their Korean-style fried chicken. BonChon was an instant hit and gained a cult following. Who wouldn’t love their chicken? It’s tender, juicy, and flavorful. Professional chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain agrees, too!

Another point that made BonChon even more popular is their family-friendly approach. Scott Tan, Managing Director of BonChon Philippines envisioned a quick-service restaurant that serves quality food at affordable prices perfect for families and office workers. It’s a very good approach because people still love BonChon.

To be honest, it’s been a while since anyone from the Team dined here. (Yes, this is a Team Review – Clari & Jean with some younger relatives.) That is why we decided to spend an afternoon at BonChon Congressional Avenue after grocery shopping.

More than Chicken

BonChon offers a wide variety of dishes. Besides chicken, they also have seafood and beef as well as noodles and bibimbowl. The newest item they are offering is the Taco Bibimbowl and the Gangnam Bao, soft and crispy Seoul-ful adventure.

We were looking forward to try both. Unfortunately, the Gangnam Bao is unavailable because the steamer at the Congressional Avenue branch is broken. Since we want to try these two together, we’ll be posting a separate review.

For this trip, we revisited our favorites and tried something we haven’t before.


Beef Bibimbowl

Chicken Poppers & Fries

These three are our usual go-to meals. Though it’s been a while, we still agree that only BonChon can give you all the savory goodness. Their Chapchae is made of Korean glass noodles with the best ingredients – carrots, scallions, spinach, with oil, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame seed.

The Beef Bibimbowl was also a delight making us more excited to try out their newest one – Taco Bibimbowl. Chicken Poppers & Fries though simple is really satisfying.

Besides these, we also got to try the Bibimfries for the first time. If you love fries but don’t want the usual one, this is definitely it! You will love the thick-cut fried skin-on potatoes with all the Korean-Style premium garnishes such as kimchi and crunchy chicken skin, drizzled with ranch and special cheese sauce.

Moreover, we also had the Classic Ko-dogs. The hot dogs are deliciously fried and crispy topped with Miso Sesame or Curry Honey Mustard. Honestly, the hot dogs are flavorful on their own but we did enjoy both flavors.  Although you have to keep in mind the Curry Honey Mustard can be a bit overwhelming for the little ones. My two little cousins wasn’t able to handle it.

Still, we did enjoy our little food trip at BonChon. By the way, the branch in located in Cherry Foodarama which means it can easily get crowded. If you really have your heart set on eating lunch here, make sure to be their early.

So, when was the last time you’ve been to BonChon? Why not revisit them today?

Take your family, friends or colleagues with you and happy eating!

Ground Floor, Cherry Foodarama
Congressional Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City

BonChon Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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