Burger Moo 2: Where Burgers are Sweet, Savory and Colorful

The Food Lover’s Guide to Iron Cabana Food Park continues!

You love burgers – who doesn’t? That meaty and juicy patty with toppings and sauces mixed well together is absolute heaven. And if you’re up to try new flavors, Iron Cabana has something for you.

Burger Moo 2 offers some sweet, savory, and colorful burgers. Nope, there’s no Burger Moo 1. Burger Moo 2 actually reads Burger mo ‘to or this is your burger. They offer quite a list of flavors that suits every taste such as All Meat, Bacon Mushroom, Cheese, Chili Cheese, Chili Con Carne, Corned Beef, Crazy Hotdog Sandwich, Plain, Sausage Burger, Spam and Tuna Melt. Besides that, you can choose your own colored bun. There’s blue, green, red, violet or whatever you fancy.

Want some sides? Instead of the classic fries, Burger Moo 2 is offering you a different one – colorful, triangular nachos. Since the buns are sweet and the burger itself is filled with toppings and patties packed with flavors, the crispy nachos help balance out the taste.

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom and 8-inch Big Time Burger

Ready to savor Burger Moo 2’s sweet, savory, and colorful burgers? Their bestseller is the 8-inch Big Time Burger and the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom. If you’re going solo, try the later. But if you’re with friends and family go for the 8-inch. And if you have kids with you, the Bulilit Burger is the best choice for kids. This comes in 3 small burgers with nacho sidings.

Don’t know how to get there? It’s easy! Take the COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport). The shuttle passes by the area daily. But if you have a car, there’s no need to worry because Iron Cabana features an ample and safe parking space for guests.

316 Congressional Avenue Extension
Quezon City

Happy eating… and drinking!


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