World Street Food Jamboree 2017 & Live Cooking Demonstration

The World Street Food Congress 2017 was again held in the country. As promised, the World Street Food Congress delivered a bigger and better event with 28 stalls plus a string of local pop-ups and booths. There were over 35 different kinds of street food from 12 countries! To accommodate these and more people, they chose the best place – Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds!

From North to South

The event started on May 31st and ended on June 4th. Since it was difficult to go on a weekday, we (Clari & Jean of visited on a weekend. Riding the MRT from North to South wasn’t that difficult but the scorching sun and heat was the problem. From Taft Avenue station, we took a jeepney to MOA and walked towards the concert grounds. We arrived past 1 and the heat was really intense. Good thing the “picnic tables” were moved near the stalls which where underneath a tent.

As mentioned there were 28 stalls that features 35 different street food from 12 countries. It was difficult to choose. Even though we’re Filipino, we also wanted to try ours. After a short deliberation, we concluded to try what we think is good.

Time to Eat!

Salted Egg Pork + Fries: Salted egg sauce, chipped pandan, chilli, fried pork ribs and fries. (Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee, Singapore) P270

Okay, so pork and fries isn’t unique. But what made this food special is the sauce. The pork even the fries worked well here.

Banh Xeo: crispy rice mung bean pancake with seafood, greens and fish sauce. (BÁNH XÈO MIẾU NỔI, Vietnam) P280

We love greens plus the crispy rice mung bean pancake caught our attention. It was delicious; however, we were expecting more seafood. The only seafood inside were four small shrimps two of which still had their shell. We eat shrimps with shells if fried but with this dish, it would be better if all were skinned.

Martabak: Martabak Pancake Cheese Chocolate, Red Velvet Oreo, Green Tea KitKat and Nutella Almond. (Martabak Manis “San Francisco” by Mr. Buyung, Indonesia) 4 slices/ P280

We liked the pancake because it’s flavorful on its own. The addition of various flavors where okay. We didn’t like all but I think the Green Tea KitKat and Nutella Almond worked well.

Ice Kachang (ais kacang) and Bandung Drink with Rose Syrup and Milk.

If we were to choose one, we’re going with Bandung Drink. This one really quenched our thirst that hot afternoon.

Besides a little food trip, we also watched a live cooking demonstration.

What’s Cookin’ Who’s Lookin’ featuring Professor Nguyen Nha’s (Vietnam)


Professor Nguyen Nha
The former head of institute for Vietnamese Gastronomic Research, Professor Nguyen Nha is now leading Vietnam Cuisine for the World Project. The author of several research books on the gastronomy of Vietnamese food, Professor Nha is also part of the founding committee of Vietnam Gastronomic Culture Association. His mission is to develop gastronomy tourism in Ho Chi Minh City

We were really glad that we were able to watch this specific demo. The set was very lively. All thanks to Chef Sau Del Rosario who is really cool (Oh, how to be cool like you chef?) along with the friendly Mr. Nemo Phan who is Professor Nguyen Nha’s interpreter.

They showed the audience the Vietnamese culture through food – Chả đẫy. Professor Nguyen Nha’s wife was the one who showed us ow to prepare this wonderful dish. It was so delicately created; not to mention, flavorful and unforgettable.

Yes, that’s egg. It takes a lot of guts and skills to do this because you will only be using chopsticks to create this beautiful pouch.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to the World Street Food Congress. Maybe next year, I might actually attend the other activities. It would be great to hear and learn from industry experts like Chef Sau Del Rosario and Anthony Bourdian, KF Seetoh and more!

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Here’s the full video of our trip to the World Street Food Congress 2017

2 responses to “World Street Food Jamboree 2017 & Live Cooking Demonstration”

  1. I always wanted to go to a food street like this where you can just buy-get foods-sit. Though there are so many street food markets in Thailand but not like this. It is so fun and enjoyable. Love watching the video by the way ^^


    1. Hi Ann!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post especially the video! Yes, the World Street Food Congress 2017 was a lot of fun. I hope you could experience it.

      Thank you and have a great day!
      ❤ Clari


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