Food Lover’s Guide to Iron Cabana Food Park

2016 was the year that food parks emerged in the country. In just a short amount of time, this new concept of “food haven” is embraced and loved by many. Who wouldn’t? Food parks offer the best variety of food selection in one roof; not to mention, each has their own charm giving its customers a unique gastronomical experience.

In fact, in Quezon City alone you will find many great food parks one of which is Iron Cabana.

Getting to Know Iron Cabana

Iron Cabana is the brainchild of two friends – Rona and Bianca together with Noel, the former’s brother-in-law. At first, they only planned on renting a stall but when a great opportunity knocked, they answered.

The vacant lot of 316 Congressional Avenue Extension is now a hidden culinary playground.

Behind the name: Iron Cabana is an anagram for the name of the owners created by Noel.
Iron = metal; Cabana = (Spanish) indigenous hut

If you want a detour from the norm, you are welcome at the Iron Cabana Food Park. With 12 stalls now serving (and 4 more about to open), you can definitely taste whatever you crave for.

Searching for the best char-grilled ribs? Smokin’ Ribs offers two flavors – original and spicy complete with Java rice and buttered mixed vegetable or corn.

Do you prefer some classic silogs? You’ll smile and laugh when you see Besilog’s menu.

Dining with friends and family? May Porkever, yes there is and they offer platters good for 5 featuring Pinoy favorites like Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali.

Another food perfect for sharing is pizza. You won’t be disappointed with Benegusti Ristorante’s Sicilian pizza and Raclette.

How about some chicken? Chef’s Cock offers finger lickin’ good chicken wings.

Want more Pinoy favorites? A must-try is Cafe MaceoMaceo’s Paella Toppings.

Dalo’s Grill’s Tuna Belly is good as well as their isaw and liempo!

Craving for Japanese food? They have that, too! Bimi Bucket and Everything Sisig (by Bimi Bucket) offers a Japanese-Filipino food experience.

Taking the kids? They’ll definitely enjoy eating Burger Moo 2’s colorful burgers!

To wash away the summer heat, head over to Swirly Sips. You can go Swirly Solo, Awesome Twosome and Super Squad with their delicious selection of flavors – Lala Lemonade, Blue Crush, Lychee Blush, Cool Cucumber, and Razzy Red.

Then end your lovely dinner with some InstaDesserts! Their bestseller is FTW Cookies and Cream and XOXO Avocado Premium Ice Cream Shakes.

A Hidden Gem

Besides great food, this hidden culinary playground also offers a great ambiance. Since they’re hidden, they can give you the privacy you deserve. This means you’ll be away from the noise of the busy street. You can take your time and enjoy the food; not to mention, the company you are with. Moreover, Iron Cabana is well-lit making every moment very Instagram-worthy.

If you’re there on weekends and on special occasions like Mother’s Day, you’ll be in for a greater treat because they feature some live music. You can catch Save The Day on Fridays and Electric Soup Drink on Saturdays.

That’s not all!

Iron Cabana wouldn’t be called a “playground” for nothing. While waiting for your food, your kids can mingle with other kids and play at the swing. Iron Cabana is indeed a family-friendly food park. Well, they’re pet-friendly, too. Just make sure you’re a very responsible owner.

Are you ready for a gastronomic experience? Then gather your family and friends and head over to Iron Cabana today!

Don’t know how to get there? It’s easy! Take the COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport). The shuttle passes by the area daily. But if you have a car, there’s no need to worry because Iron Cabana features an ample and safe parking space for guests.

316 Congressional Avenue Extension
Quezon City

Happy eating… and drinking!


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