Thoughts on 1st Ko Si 3rd (Third is My First)

1st Ko Si 3rd (Third is My First), a film by Real S. Florido is a finalist at the 10th Cinemalaya Film Festival. The film received praises from movie goers and won awards in various festivals.

1st Ko Si 3rd

Directed & Written By Real S. Florido

Cory is looking forward to settling into a long retirement with her husband. But she quickly grows restless, and when an old flame suddenly turns up, she comes to reassess her past and decides for her present.

Florido’s 1st Ko Si 3rd has a simple storyline but don’t be fooled. 1st Ko Si 3rd has the power to awaken your senses to reevaluate your life. This is due to the film’s grasp of reality showing us a balanced and better picture of a senior’s life.

With that, the viewers were able to see and feel the core emotions – joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. Sounds like Pixar’s Inside Out, doesn’t it? In a way yes. While Riley deals with the emotions of a youth, Cory deals with the latter part of life.

It is also worth mentioning that the power the film is due to Nova Villa’s portrayal of Cory and Dante Rivero’s Alejandro (Cory’s husband) persona. These two characters are quite different not only in terms of attitude but with the way they see life. When Cory struggles with her retirement, Alejandro does his best to bring happiness to her. He tries to fix the Mercedes-Benz so he can take Cory for a ride and teach her to drive.

Before the film ends, he succeeds in fixing their car and does what he promised. In fact, Alejandro gave more than that. He gave Cory strength and positive outlook to face their future together. This for me is the turning point of Cory’s character. Joy overpowered all the other emotions allowing her to face her past and the regrets that came with it.

You can watch or rewatch 1st Ko Si 3rd (Third is My First) on HOOQ today!

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