Coffee-Infused Cupcake Topped with Creamy Custard and Vanilla Ice Cream

Whether it’s chocolate, red velvet or even vegan and gluten-free, cupcakes will always hold a special place in our hearts. But did you ever wonder where and when cupcakes were first created?

Everyone knows that cupcake, fairy cake or cup cake is a small cake served for one person. Frosting and sprinkles are common decorations for cupcakes. However, food historians have yet to identify the exact origin of these cute, little, sweet delights.

But according to

Individually portioned confections have a long and venerable history. Diminutive iterations of popular traditional baked goods are particularly enjoyed when portability and ease of service is appreciated. Cookies, tea cakes, petits fours and cupcakes spring from that same idea. Commercially packaged “personal size” cupcakes appeared after World War I.

Wow! Cupcakes have been around for quite a long time. Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter where or when. The important thing is it was created, shared and is continuously filling our hearts with sweetness. Plus, a person craves for cake does not need to buy a bigger one. Eating a cupcake gives the same amount of happiness when eating a cake.

And like any other food, cupcakes also evolved. At present, there are numerous flavors and designs to choose from. We have the traditional chocolate cupcake, strawberry, vanilla and many more. What I am going to share is a flavor I crave and reward myself after a long day of work. You can prepare this for yourself or your kids.

All you need to do is bake your own cupcakes. If you don’t have time, no worries because there are several shops that sells cupcakes. Just take your pick! Here I used a mocha cupcake and whipped all my favorite flavors together! 🙂

Coffee-Infused Cupcake Topped with Creamy Custard and Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. Carefully prick the top with a fork and set aside.
  2. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of black coffee with 3 teaspoons of hot water.
  3. Pour the mixture over the cupcake after which slather the custard or leche flan and top it with vanilla or coffee crumble ice cream.
  4. Lastly, sprinkle it with chopped chocolate. And voila!

This simple recipe is shared to us by Jeanette of
Happy eating!

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