Review: It’s Crazy Mama’s Crazy Good Bagoong!

What do you get when you eat green mangoes?

A sour taste. But when you add in some flavor like a tablespoon of bagoong, you’ll be in for a big surprise.

Bagoong is a condiment made from shrimps or fish that is salted and fermented. It is uniquely Filipino and is present in every household. Filipinos use this as a dip for green mangoes and vegetables but it can also be used as an ingredient to cook some delicious food like binagoongan which is pork cooked with bagoong alamang.

Not only that, but bagoong is also served alongside kare-kare. This is a Filipino food made of stew of oxtail, tripe, or chicken with eggplant, string beans, and banana heart cooked in a sauce of ground peanuts and achuete. In addition, provinces in the Philippines also have their own version such as bagoong alamang, bagoong Balayan, bagon gata and bagoong Ilokos to name a few.

These only prove how essential bagoong is in Filipino food and cooking. In fact, the condiment is available in markets as well as in grocery stores but there is one that I recently discovered and is worth a try!

Crazy Mama’s Kitchen cooks and sells crazy good Bagoong! Their product may be new but Miss Josie a.k.a crazy mama is always bustling about in the kitchen. She loves creating dishes and making hearty meals for her family. And this is probably where the first-ever jar of joy was created.

Crazy Good Bagoong!

Crazy Mama’s Bagoong! costs Php 200.00. It seems quite steep but what makes it special?

The taste. You won’t be disappointed as their version is unlike any other. Crazy Mama’s Bagoong! has chili, garlic, onion, palm oil, sea salt, shrimp fry, sugar, and pork. Yes, it has pork which is why I added it in rice making an even tastier bagoong rice. It wasn’t salty or spicy. All I tasted was a balanced flavor.

This goes perfect with vegetables like okra and cucumber as well as crispy fried foods such as lechong kawali. Now don’t get me wrong. I love those combinations but nothing beats the perfect partner – green mangoes! The very sour and slight sweetness of the unripe mango blends well with Crazy Mama’s Bagoong!

The smell. Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy a lovely taste when the smell doesn’t complement it. In this case, the aroma says delicious all the time. You don’t have to worry if you need to open it many times.

The package. If you check the packaging of other products, they completely cover the middle part which are mostly colored.  With this one, I don’t mind the transparency as it allows me to inspect the product closely. For me, that kind of labelling is safer.

Are you ready to open your first jar of joy? At the moment, Crazy Mama’s crazy good Bagoong! is available online. Simply visit and place your orders on their website,  through Facebook Messenger, or by texting/calling 0906 300 7261. It’s quite easy but I still hope they will be available in any of the great weekend markets in the future. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Grab a jar now & enjoy! 🙂





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