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My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in the metro. Christmas trees complete with dazzling fairy lights and other festive decorations can be seen in various restaurants; not to mention, shopping malls. It’s a real visual experience and it brings out a cheerful atmosphere.

Besides that, people have started shopping for gifts and new items. I am looking forward for the latter. In fact, I’ve been listing down what needs to be replaced in our home. Looking at our kitchen, I can see various equipment that needs updating pronto! Luckily, I found out about De’Longhi. The Italian small appliance manufacturer showcases innovative and stylish home appliances. After browsing their website, I was able to create my De’Longhi Christmas wishlist.

Drip Coffee Maker

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
– Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes


I don’t really use our beloved coffee maker that much because I was afraid it would break any moment (which eventually did), so I opted going instant most of the time. But there are times when you just want to smell and savor the authentic aroma and taste of coffee. I’m pretty sure De’Longhi’s Drip Coffee Maker Icona Vintage ICMOV210.BK won’t disappoint.

Drip Coffee Maker Icona Vintage ICMOV210.BK


De’Longhi’s drip coffee maker is not only stylish but convenient and easy to use. Featuring a water level indicator, refilling water is easy as pie. You don’t need to move the machine even when refilling coffee. Besides that, this model has an Eco Function which means it automatically shuts off 40 minutes after brewing.

Stylish, convenient and easy are the three words that captured my coffee lover’s heart. I don’t need complex machine to make my morning, afternoon and evening coffee. I only need and want a simple one.

Ice Cream Maker

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”
– Don Kardong


I love ice cream and I used to make my own using this machine. But it takes a huge amount of patience and effort to make one. All I want is an ice cream machine that works well ensuring the flavor and texture comes out right.

Ice Cream Maker II Gelataio ICK 6000


The De’Longhi Gelataio has its own advanced cooling system ensuring excellent results. It also features a special paddle so the ice cream base is mixed perfectly as well as a removable stainless bowl that can make 700g of ice cream. Besides that, both of these are dishwasher-safe. So no worries about the mess.

What I like about this product is the ease of use. Whenever I crave ice cream, I can do it in a flash. Plus, the item comes with a free recipe book. There is no need for Google as the book contains 36 ice cream and sorbet recipes.

Low-Oil Fryer and Multicooker

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”
– Julia Child, My Life in France

I’m learning to cook and bake. Unfortunately, I don’t have the most reliable equipment for the baking part. Cooking is easy because we have the traditional pots and pans but baking is another thing. I would love a reliable cooking appliance that can do both.

Multifry Extra Chef Plus FH 1396/1


De’Longhi’s Multifry is one innovative cooking appliance as it combines low-oil fryer and multicooker in one. This products allows you to fry various dishes in a much healthier. You can cook fish and meat even bake pies and pizzas. Whatever menu you have in mind, De’Longhi’s Multifry can make it happen.

I really think this is the best cooking appliance ever. If you want to cook a meal or bake, you just mutlifry it. No worries. No stress. 🙂

If I have to buy one right now. I will probably choose the Multifry. It’s one useful kitchen appliance. Aside from that, I can’t help but check out other De’Longhi products. I’ve been planning to buy an air purifier ever since I saw those water bowls with a helmet-shaped lid. But I can’t quite see the great effect of that small purifier. I’m glad De’Longhi sells air cleansers too.

Air Purifier

Asthma… It’s such as breathtaking experience.

Yep, I have asthma and I have learned to accept it. But I still take precautions such as taking my puff anywhere I go and avoiding intense activities. Sadly, the one thing we need to live is being attacked by air pollution. This and other factors like bacteria, dander, dust, odor, pet hair, and pollen also trigger asthma attacks. An air purifier would be the best addition to our home.

Air Purifier AC 230


De’Longhi’s Air Purifier AC 230 has a 5-layer air filtration system: anti-dust pre-filter, HEPA filter against the small particles, active carbon filter, NANO SILVER filter for bacteria, and special photo-catalyst filter with UV light. Plus an ionizer that neutralizes unwanted particles in the air. The AC 230 also features an AQS system wherein the lights change color determining that the air quality is good, moderate or bad.

This air purifier will definitely do the trick. I don’t have to constantly worry when a door opens and the wind from outside comes in. All I need is the Air Purifier AC 230 air quality system and its ability to clean.

It would be really great to have all these at home. As mentioned earlier, if I could pick up a gift right now I would choose the Multifry as well as the Air Purifier AC 230. 🙂

Are you interested in these products too? Then head over to this website for more products.

Happy reading and gift giving this season!

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