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Online shopping is fun; however, not everyone has the courage to try it. Who can blame them? I, too was scared when I did my first online purchase. I made sure to double check the details before clicking. Fortunately for me, everything went well making online shopping easy breezy.

Do you have the courage to try it now? All you need is an email and a trusted site like Uskoop PH !

What is Uskoop?

This online shopping portal is unlike any other. It’s a one-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site. Basically you, the customer tells Uskoop exactly what you want to buy.

First, check the list of Top Global Merchants at – such as Adidas, Amazon, Forever21, Nike, Thinkgeek, Walmart, Zappos and many more. Yes, you read that right you can shop globally with Uskoop. Not only that, but there’s no need to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country. No need to pay US Sales Tax. No need to use a US shipping address. With Uskoop, you get a simple single checkout from different US online stores.

How to Uskoop?


  • Visit the merchant’s website, find and click the item then copy the product URL.
  • Head back to Uskoop PH, paste the product URL in the SEARCH bar, and viola! You will see the item details, shipping costs and handling fee. Take note, prices are all-inclusive and Uskoop PH will take care of shipping, customs & taxes with insurance.
  • Once you’re done shopping, click BUY FOR ME and complete the details. Uskoop features multiple payment options and delivers to your doorstep anywhere in the PH via air 10-15 business days!

Easy, right?

That’s why I am thinking about making another online purchase as my birthday is next month and Christmas is fast approaching. I don’t exactly know what to buy but I did consider the things I love and found 5 possible items.

1. Watch – I was aiming for Agent/ Director Phil Coulson’s flying car, Lola but I don’t see the need for it. Luckily, I saw this cool Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Watch which I can definitely use everyday.


2. Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit – I didn’t know this one existed. But since I’ve been having a difficult time taking shots of products I need to review, a mini studio wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s quite convenient actually.


3. & 4.Books – eBooks are quite popular nowadays. I do have one of those but I also would like to keep an actual copy on the bookshelf like the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Just look at the designs on these two boxed sets. They’re absolutely amazing.



5. Kindle Paperwhite – I only use my smartphone when reading eBooks and it’s starting to hurt my eyes. With the Kindle Paperwhite, this won’t be a problem at all. I can finally read to my heart’s content.


Hmm… If I were to choose only one, I’ll take the Kindle Paperwhite now! Though 3 and 4 are great choices, sites like Amazon and Kobo features a number of free eBooks which I can read using the Kindle Paperwhite.

Plus, I found another site that sells this gadget. Can you believe it? The final price in Uskoop is lower.


Indeed, Uskoop PH takes care of everything. You only have to tell what you want to buy and Uskoop PH will take care of everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support.

If you sign up and try today, make sure to use this promo code:


… to get a discount worth 10% off on shipping & handling!

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Happy shopping!

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