Thoughts on New Wave Animations: Buttons, Little Lights, and Geo

The Metro Manila Film Festival presented a great list of animated films in their New Wave Animation Section last year. Though I wasn’t able to catch them at the cinema, I was able to see three of these films on HOOQ. I must say that these films serve as proof of how talented and creative Filipino artists are.

Buttons by Marvel Obemio, Francis Ramirez & Jared Garcia

Best Animation Film

Dolls who came to life living in the real world… Two Dolls, Iko and Dixie playing and bonding with each other, meanwhile another doll Vodou appeared, then something unexpected happened.

The Buttons film is filled with wonder and positivity as it shows the genuine friendship between our main characters or shall I say dolls – Iko and Dixie! Though its animation style is simple, the film’s execution complemented its story enabling it to successfully deliver a strong message to its viewers.

Little Lights by Marie Rivelle G. Mallari

Animation Film Special Jury Prize

A physically weak but strong-minded firefly is forced to face not only his fear of darkness, but also to find his place in his discord-riddled firefly community. But in spite of those weaknesses, Charlie sets out to become stronger, eventually leading his loved ones to work together when danger arises.

The beautiful background music in Little Lights takes us on an enchanting journey from beginning to end. Viewers were treated with magical and colourful visuals starting with the falling leaves in the morning to late afternoon leading to the fireflies’ activities at night.

In terms of story, the animation did not fail to impress. Little Lights simply tells us to find our light. Know what we, as a person are capable of doing and not be afraid to step up when necessary.

Geo by John Aurthur Mercader

Manila Bulletin Entertainment Best Animation Film

Diving to his high-flying imagination whilst facing-off giant foes, Geo is constantly saved by his busy mother when he strays too far off into his own fantasy.

Geo is simply great. The music and visuals from the introduction made Geo seem like an action-pack adventure film by Marvel. Not only that, but the story itself has an emotional punch and a relatable feeling. It gave me the same impression when I watched Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Big Hero 6. And that isn’t bad.

You can catch these amazing 2015 MMFF New Wave Animation on HOOQ!

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