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With a roof above my head, I couldn’t help but stay at home and enjoy the rainy weather we had these past couple of weeks. However, overabundance is not a good thing. Streets are flooded. People and animals are getting sick. I hoped and prayed for the sun to shine but a heavy downpour was given instead.

The next morning I saw a snail in our terrace wall. I thought to myself, “Gary must be relocating to avoid drowning or looking for pals.” Whatever the reason was, all I can see is the little guy’s bravery gliding that far. I also couldn’t help but wonder what he saw along the way and which path he took.

Who knows, right? But seeing that little guy reminded me of my love for long walks. So when the weather somehow cleared, I thought that was the perfect time for someone who has a love-hate relationship with the sun to visit a park – the Quezon Memorial Circle.

From the parking lot, I walked towards the 217-feet tall Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine. Around the tallest structure in the city is a path where people can walk and jog. I circled the area three times. But on my fourth something caught my attention and my feet suddenly made a detour.

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Despite not knowing where the path leads, my heart never felt this peaceful. Just look at the colors I saw and captured along the way. All shades of green on the background and a colorful pop on the foreground makes my heart flutter.

I can’t imagine taking long walks while carrying a not so pocket-friendly DSLR. Smartphones are indeed handy as it allows you to capture the beautiful things you come across in an instant.

Besides the convenience, you also get high quality images as smartphones such as the Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica, the brand known for its high-quality, lightweight rangefinder camera. This will definitely change the way you see mobile photography. So expect nothing but fun experiences and amazing shots when you have a smartphone like the P9 on your hand.

I know that this may not be considered an adventure for some but for a homebody like me, this is one big adventure. I don’t need to fly to another country or spend a lot. All I need is a path. If I want to, I can always make a detour because this is how you discover a new adventure.

I’m really glad I made a detour. In fact, I didn’t stop following the path even when I encountered this.

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Left, right or straight ahead – which path should I take? I took them all. Yes, I did. And it led me to another adventure! :)

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