Thoughts on Suicide Squad (2016)

You can’t argue that DC and Warner Bros. did a pretty good job with the trailers, posters, and soundtrack for Suicide Squad. Their marketing strategy caused some hype making it one of the most anticipated movies in 2016. But after watching, you also can’t argue that the film has several issues.

Though this reminded me of the supposed epic superhero movieBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad is different from the latter. Suicide Squad is brighter, refreshing, and more entertaining. Unfortunately, those were not enough to overlook the problems.

The Characters

Among the Suicide Squad members, Harley Quinn is the most memorable and likable one. Whenever she’s on screen, the mood just lights up. All thanks to Margot Robbie’s performance.

But after her, who’s next in line?

Deadshot but only because he has amazing skills in hitting his target and El Diablo who had some epic lines and scenes (emitting waves of fire and transforming into a giant fire monster) before he dies. The other characters, well I can hardly remember them. Though the introduction took so much screen time, the characters simply got lost because there was no basic character development and motivation.

The Villain

Cara Delevingne is the perfect Enchantress (the darker one) and her scenes were always cool. Sadly, she didn’t have enough screen time to show more of her villain essence or as Harley calls it the “Stench of Death”.

Then again, is Enchantress really the perfect villain for this film? Haven’t we seen this type of scene before – a supernatural being with supernatural powers creating an army and a weapon? (But in her case, she’s eradicating  mankind’s weapons and technology.) So if she is that type of villain, then isn’t this a job for the likes of Superman or Wonder Woman? Good thing they have El Diablo to help them deal with Enchantress’ brother, the Incubus.

I know there’s already enough bad guys in this film but it desperately needs a bigger and more evil villain that is grounded and has enough motive. It needs a villain that will show the full potential of the Suicide Squad.

The Cuts and Post-Credits Scene

Ah! The famous cutting method and post-credit strategy to introduce the next film makes another entrance.

For the deleted scenes, there is a list of rumored cut scenes. If you read Jared Leto’s interviews online, you will definitely love the longer version and deleted scenes. You can check it out here:

Now for the famous post-credit scene. Is it needed? No. One, we’ve already established the fact that Batman is out looking for his soon-to-be friends in BvS. Remember what Bruce Wayne told Diana Prince at the end?

Bruce Wayne: I’ve failed him … in life. I won’t fail him in death. Help me find the others like you.
Diana Prince: Perhaps they don’t want to be found.
Bruce Wayne: They will. And they’ll fight. We have to stand together.

Two, we’ve seen Marvel do it. DC and Warner Bros. should make their own strategy. They did well in marketing Suicide Squad. I’m pretty sure they can think of better ways than a post-credit scene. And if they stick to it, then please execute it properly.

The Verdict

The Suicide Squad is a fairly entertaining film. I don’t hate it. But after BvS I have hoped for DC and Warner Bros. to deliver a better film that will open a whole new universe. The trailers, posters, and soundtrack got me hooked. The idea and characters were really great; however, the absence of character developments and motivation ruined it.

Sure you want record breaking sales. But wouldn’t it be better if you get that and an appreciation for a job well done?

Oh! One last thought – “Mister J”. Jared Leto’s Joker is good. He gave us Harley Quinn’s Puddin’. He is needed in the film to show the relationship he has with Harley; however, there were times he wasn’t needed at all. For instance, the club and helicopter scene can be deleted but keep the flashbacks and saving scene at the end as those defined Harley’s character.

If you haven’t seen Suicide Squad, go right ahead. People have different expectations. There’s a chance you will like it, hate it, or both. 🙂

Happy viewing!

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