Head Over to Shonantei for an Authentic Izakaya Experience

Friends especially relatives have been constantly reminding me to visit Shonantei, a small Japanese restaurant along Mindanao Avenue. It’s been over a year but they still keep on mentioning the place, the food and Japanese chef Takeshi. Until one day, my ninong brought home some Negi Toro Maki and a plate of Yaki-Gyoza which I initially thought was tikoy (Gomen’nasai). 😀

When I tasted it, I was reminded of my love for Japanese culture specially the food. I decided right then and there to visit Shonantei the next time I get a chance. After a few months, I finally had some free time. It was a Sunday evening and as expected the road was quite clear; not to mention, parking was easy peasy at Shonantei all thanks to kuya guard.

For images, you can check my review on ZOMATO!

Japanese Style Izakaya

Located at 863 Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, Shonantei Japanese Resto Bar offers an authentic izakaya experience. What is izakaya, you ask?

The term is a compound word that literally means “stay sake shop”. Thus, izakaya is a casual drinking establishment where customers can also order various small dishes to share with colleagues or friends. This type of restaurant has the perfect setting for catching up with friends especially family.

Since I have been busy for several months, I chose to take my grandmother and ninong (the one I mentioned earlier) first.


Shonantei offers three kinds of seating – by the bar, on a tatami mat, or the regular chair and table. My grandmother was there so we opted for the regular seating. However, there were already two families settled in that area and dividers (if that’s the term) are placed between each table. I thought I’ll have problems with space but that divider was a huge plus as it gave me enough space and privacy.

Once settled in, the waitress gave us a wet hand towel or o-shibori. Then the plates, chopsticks and some seaweed salad which served as appetizer were given.

Regarding food, the Japanese Resto Bar offers several choices of ippin ryori, yakitori, sashimi, nigiri sushi, maki, sakana, donburi, and noodles as well as alcoholic drinks, syochu rock, sake ichigou, juice, and soft drinks. Honestly, I didn’t have a difficult time choosing as I have been eyeing Salmon Don and Ramune Soda Blueberry for a long time.

So I helped my grandmother and ninong choose which ones would suit their taste buds. Thus, we ordered the following:

I am not going to pick a favourite because each food deserves a praise. But what I like about Shonantei is that they give you great food partnered with great service and relaxing ambiance at a reasonable price.

If you want an authentic izakaya experience, head over to Shonantei at 863 Mindanao Avenue Quezon City. They open from 5:30PM to 12:00AM. For inquiries, call: (02) 455 9160.

Happy eating!

Shonantei Japanese Resto Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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