Coloring for Adults: This Girl is on Fire

Surely you’ve heard about coloring for adults. People have been posting their coloring books, coloring materials and creations on social media. I can’t argue with them because coloring is indeed a fun way to pass the time, not to mention; it helps people de-stress. I just hope people won’t get tired of this.

As a matter of fact, even before adult coloring books were a hit I’ve always turned to a piece of paper. I would doodle, sketch, or simply write a word or phrase and draw decorations around it. Buying a coloring book never crossed my mind. But when I started working, I realized adult coloring books are quite handy.

I was in search for the perfect book in an instant. Unfortunately, I could not find the one. You see there are several adult coloring books with a specific theme such as abstract, cityscapes and zenscapes. There are also flowers and midnight garden as well as mandalas and hamsa designs.

But that’s not all. There are several other books sold in different bookstores. Just the other day I read a news about one of the most iconic brands – Lisa Frank. They will be releasing an adult coloring book.

“Color Me Lisa Frank! Stay Calm and Keep Coloring!”

So how exactly can I choose one? I’m pretty sure I only need one book. The question is will I like to color all the pages? Probably not and that would be a waste. But with the power of Internet, I was able to find websites that allow you to choose a design, print it out and color all you want!

This Girl is on Fire

I discovered this website that offers free coloring pages inspired by the Art Nouveau style. I think it’s called “A magical takeoff” but after playing with the colors white, orange and red I decided to call it “This Girl is on Fire”. (Yes, like the song.)

Besides this, there are others I printed out. I haven’t colored them because I don’t feel the need yet (See? Buying a book would really be waste in my case). But once I do, I will be sharing each one here.

If you want to try coloring but don’t know which book to buy or if you’re not sure it’s for you, then browse the artworks in this website first. In that way, you won’t waste money, energy and resources. Who knows, maybe you only need a page or two to de-stress? 🙂

A page. A book. Whatever. Just make sure you enjoy! 😉

Happy coloring!

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