Thoughts on Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence finally hit theatres this week. If you plan to catch it at the cinema, I suggest watching the 1996 epic adventure film Independence Day. But if you couldn’t, you can just educate yourself by visiting (No longer available, Clari notes 2020)

Independence Day

It’s been a while since I saw Independence Day but I still remember why I enjoyed and loved the first one.

The 1996 film is not only packed with action but with a sense of humour, a bit of drama as well as spirit. I’m pretty sure you remember the characters very well such as President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman), David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), and Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith). We saw their contribution in the film through their shining moments which by the way lasted on screen. Moreover, the transition from normal to extraterrestrial was indeed unforgettable.

*Imagine a mother ship came out of nowhere and hovered above the city. Who can forget that scene?

*TIME: 0.30


Now fast forward to 2016.


Twenty years after the War of 1996, earth has recovered and is far more advanced with the help of the fallen alien forces’ technology. The United Nations created the Earth Space Defense (ESD) with Area 51 base as the Space Defense Headquarters while military forces were also assembled on the Moon, Mars, and Rhea.

Just like the first film, Independence Day: Resurgence is also action-packed but on a whole new level. The film is darker and the alien forces are bigger; not to mention, the biggest of them all is a real treat.

Despite those good points and nostalgic feeling at the beginning, I eventually saw some problems. It all started when the spherical ship appears near the Moon defence headquarters. Now, I’m not going to state what exactly happened because that’s something you should find out. But that scene was the start of the darkness of the film which was a real feast on the eyes.

Unfortunately, they fell short on some elements that made Independence Day an epic one.

Remember the War of 1996

You still remember the heroes from the first film and their moments, right? I believe the new generation of heroes in the sequel deserves their own shining moments, too. To be fair they had several heroic scenes which should have lasted longer. Instead, they focused more on the large-scale CGI and special effects cutting short scenes that deserve more time.

I couldn’t help but think that the creators themselves have forgotten the War of 1996. In those events, heroes emerged and people’s spirits were lifted. They were fighting for something. They were fighting for independence. With the sequel, it’s the whole world who is now fighting for independence.

Sadly, I didn’t see it. I guess this wasn’t the sequel I was expecting after seeing the trailer.

It was indeed disappointing; however, I’m not going to ignore the fact that Independence Day: Resurgence has a good beginning and an interesting ending. They were just too caught up preparing for an intergalactic journey.

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