Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House

The metro is filled with several restaurants and cafes. The good thing about this is you’ll never run out of options; however, if you’re one of those who have trouble making decisions then good luck roaming around the metro. But with the Internet right on our fingertips, pretty sure this will be easy peasy.

Let’s say you want a simple yet fulfilling meal, simply Google it. And if you come across my blog, then I’ll point you to 3 Timog Avenue Diliman South Triangle, Quezon City.

Le Ching Tea House

If you’re not too young, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Le Ching. If not, then ask your older brother, sister or parents as Le Ching Tea House has been present in the food service industry for quite a long time.

In fact, my uncle used to eat at their Banawe branch with his friends. But since he doesn’t pass by that area anymore, he’s now taking his family at Le Ching Tea House in Timog.

The Timog branch doesn’t have an ample parking space. But don’t fret, there’s a very helpful guard waiting to welcome and assist you in the process. Upon entering, the staff are also ready to guide you to your seat.

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (2)-min

We were quite early that day but there were already three families having lunch. Judging by their faces and comments, they sure were having a fulfilling one. So we immediately ordered what we think would please our taste buds.


Nido Soup with Quail Egg

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (6)-min

Steam Shrimp Dumpling “Hakao”

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (4)-min

Taosi Spareribs

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (5)-min

Shanghai Pan-Fried Spareribs

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (8)-min

Fish Fillet with Asparagus

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (7)-min

All of the above were delicious. But if I have to pick a favorite I would say the Shanghai Pan-Fried Spareribs. The Taosi Spareribs was good but the Shanghai Pan-Fried Spareribs was crunchy on the outside and juicy and full of flavors on the inside. Fish Fillet with Asparagus, on the other hand, was good as well. There was a balanced taste between the Fish Fillet and my favorite veggie – Asparagus.

Moreover, when eating at a Chinese restaurant soup and dim sum should not be missed. Thus, we started our meal with Nido Soup with Quail Egg and Steam Shrimp Dumpling “Hakao”. These two prepared our stomachs for the main course. 🙂

Oh! If you’re wondering about budget, Le Ching Tea House is indeed budget friendly and worth it.

Le Ching Tea House
3 Timog Ave, South Triangle, Quezon City
Daily: 11AM-11PM
(02) 374-3274

Sunday Lunch at Le Ching Tea House (3)-min

Happy eating!
Le Ching Tea House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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