2016 Food Lover’s Guide to Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City

Once upon a time, Congressional Avenue Extension never existed. The food establishments we see now weren’t there except for Brewing Point Café & Bakery. But when Congressional Avenue Extension which is the new road between Visayas and Luzon Avenue opened, more and more people are discovering this area. Thus, Congressional Avenue Extension is slowly becoming a food hub.

Are you ready to explore Quezon City’s newest food hub? Below is your food lover’s guide to Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City.

Do you love grilled steak, chicken peri peri, pasta, and pizza? Then head over to Gudo at #17 Congressional Avenue Extension. If you see a logo of a smiling chef, then you’ve come to the right place.

Though Gudo is a little restaurant, they offer delicious pizza, pasta, steak, and peri peri at affordable prices. In fact, it is always jam-packed. But last January, the place underwent construction. They now have a second floor which can fit even more diners.

Full review: Gudo: Pizza, Pasta, Steak & Peri Peri | Clari says,

My fave: Peri Peri Chicken and 3 Cheese Pizza

Brewing Point underwent renovation years back. Now, the neighbourhood cafe is bigger and still serves great food. They have ample space for their customers, a separate room for events, and a place to showcase their bread, cakes, and other treats.

Brewing Point Neighborhood Cafe is located at 56 Congressional Avenue Extension corner T.M. Kalaw Street. It is right across Chimes Square.

Full review: Experience the New Brewing Point Café & Bakery | Clari says,

My fave: Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Cucumber Juice, Cheese and Garlic Quesadilla

Have you seen the huge Chimes Lighthouse? Well, I’m not really sure if that’s a lighthouse but it looks like it! 😀

Anyway, this building is new and it features various restaurants such as:

The New Peach Blossoms serves sumptuous Chinese dishes at affordable prices in a bright and homey atmosphere.

My fave: Pipino Shake, Beef with Button Mushrooms, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

  • Agape – I haven’t fully dined at Agape Manila ( Watch out for my review! 😉 ) but I always buy bread and pastries there because they are to die for! Agape offers authentic and sumptuous pastries as well as luscious French fusion food. *Closed

My fave: Focaccia!!! (not in the photo – ‘coz I ate it! ^_^)

  • Chunky Sam’s – Love burgers? This place is perfect for you. Chunky Sam’s offers certified Angus Burgers. Besides their Classic Burger, Basic Cheese Burger, Bacon & Shrooms, Sam’s Blue, Fish & Fries, they added even more. *Closed

Now they have Bacon Slab, Grilled Hanger Steak, Chipotle Burger, Cajun Shrimp as well as cold treats perfect for summer! Enjoy Chunky Sam’s very own SOLATO – soft-serve gelato.

My fave: Sam’s Blue and Honey Hokey Pokey

  • Ciano – Friends or relatives abroad are visiting? Take them to a Filipino restaurant. Ciano gives you various food choices from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Not to mention, this Filipino restaurant features a great interior making sure you will enjoy your meal. *Closed

And if you are celebrating or need ample space because of your number, Ciano has a second floor. You can call them for reservations.

Ciano (13)

My fave: Poqui-Poqui and Bagnet

If you want a different dining experience, Congressional Avenue Extension has got you covered.

BOX PARK *Closed
Box Park is located at 73 blk 2 lot 28 congressional avenue extension which is just a minute from Chimes Square. The park is literally a collection of old container vans which were converted into small food stalls. Now, all you see is a community of small food stalls that serves a variety of unique and delicious food from Mondays to Sundays from 3pm to 12am.

Want more? Head over to their neighbour food hub. It was once FIE or Farinas Ilocos Empanada, a small restaurant that offers Bagnet Gourmet Rice meals, Chori Burger, the famous Ilocos empanada, and more. Then it was converted into a community of small food stalls. Besides food, Urban Eats Food Hub also offers great music on certain days.

Now, you are ready for your food trip!


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