A Mother’s Day Burger Adventure at Chunky Sam’s Diner

When my ninong discovered Chunky Sam’s on December 2014 (see review here), we had our first dining experience on the following weekend. Chunky Sam’s as well as it’s home Chimes Square were fairly new. But seeing that the area is clean and peaceful, it wasn’t difficult to drop by and explore the new establishment.

After our first visit to Chunky Sam’s, we keep coming back. In fact, we have tried most of their specials – Baby Back Rib, Fish & Fries, Grilled Hanger Steak, Green Salad, Smashed Potatoes, and burgers. I must say, all their burgers have a unique and delicious taste but one stood out for me – Sam’s Blue. Contrary to the meaning of the word blue, Sam’s Blue made me happy.

Now that they have some new addition and they have a great Mother’s Day Special, I think it’s time for a new review.

Chunky Sam’s Diner

Mother’s Day Special 2016
For their Mother’s Day Special, you just need to spend around Php300 and your mom’s burger meal is free. You can choose between Sam’s Blue and Cheeseburger Meal. We chose Sam’s Blue.

Besides that, we also received a complimentary U.S Beef Eco Bag. Augh! I just love eco bags. Compared to plastic bags, carrying eco bags after shopping for groceries doesn’t hurt the fingers and you can just hold it like you would a normal bag.

Apart from Sam’s Blue burger which my grandmother and I enjoyed, we also ordered Bacon Slab. If you prefer rice over burger, you should definitely try their Bacon Slab. We are very wary on this type of food because we always consider my grandmother. But she was able to try it and liked it because it’s juicy and tender.

If you also enjoy Bacon Slab, feel free to try their other specials like the Chunky Sam Rib-Eye Steak, Baby Back Rib, Hot Flaps/ Supreme, Chunky Corned Beef, Fish & Fries, Bacon Slab, Grilled Chopsteak, Grilled Hanger Steak, Mozza Bites, Smashed Potatoes, Green Salad, and Fries/ Twister Fries.

But if you are a true burger lover, try some of Chunky Sam’s Classic Burger, Cheeseburger, Bacon & Shrooms, Sam’s Blue, Burger Five-O, Brunch Burger, Four-Cheese Burger, Crispy Bacon & White Cheese Burger, Greek Burger, Lamb Burger, Chipotle Burger (New), Cajun Shrimp (New), and Umami Burger (New).

After a hearty meal, why not try their very own SOLATO – soft-served gelato. They offer Plain Solato, Rootbeer Float, Dark Chocolate Milkshake, Honey Hokey Pokey, Parmesan Solato, Dulce De Lechips, and Dark Chocolato. I’ve been eyeing the Honey Hokey Pokey and so I tried it first. Yum!

Craving for a burger or some steak? Head over to Chunky Sam’s Diner at Chimes Square Congressional Ave. Extension corner T.M. Kalaw, Mira Nila Homes. Or if you can’t handle the humidity, then try any of their SOLATO – soft-serve gelato!

Happy eating!

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  1. Good job. Great site. Looking forward for more from you. Best regards:-)!


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