Start your Summer Adventure at Art In Island

Summer is here and I don’t know how to handle the intense heat it brings. It’s difficult to sleep, move around, especially go outside. Visiting the beach might not be a good idea at the moment. Good thing I found a place (well, I’ve been eyeing this place for years now) that is well-ventilated and perfect to start your summer adventure.

Head over to #175 15th Avenue Barangay Socorro, Cubao Quezon City. There, you will find two sea turtles and a school of fish swimming towards you as well as a hammerhead shark on the corner. The place also gives you access under the sea where you can pretend to be a mermaid and meet some creatures of the deep! I am not kidding nor am I delusional. See? 🙂

Art In Island (145)

This place is called Art In Island. It is the largest museum of its kind in Asia. In fact, it showcases several optical illusion and 3D paintings of famous works as well as scenes where every visitor can be pat of the art.


In short, it’s a place everyone will have heaps of fun! Ready to see what’s inside?

Before that, let me list down a few things you will need as well as tips.

Money – If you own a credit card (lucky you!), you need to bring cash to buy tickets as they don’t accept credit cards at the moment. Tickets can be purchased at Art In Island only.

Art In Island (144)

Ticket prices:

  • Php 500.00 for adults
  • Php 400.00 for students, senior citizens and PWDs. Please don’t forget to bring your IDs.
  • Children below 3 feet are FREE of charge.

Socks – The first booth you will see once you enter the building is where you will deposit your footwear and receive a number. Take note, there is a Php 100 fine for lost number. Please take good care of it.

Art In Island (50)

You may walk in the museum barefoot but the floor can be too cold for some. That is why bringing your own socks is a must. In case you forgot to bring one, they are selling some cute Art In Island socks for Php 150. It’s actually quite expensive but the socks are perfect for the museum tour and makes a great souvenir. In fact, I bought the pink one for myself and the beige for my grandmother.

Jacket – Well, this one is up to you. The museum is well-maintained; not to mention, well-ventilated. We went there on a summer, so we gladly embraced the cold air! 🙂

Camera – You can bring any type of camera here – smartphone, tablet, digital camera, and DSLR! So no worries about guards stopping you! 🙂

Friends and Family – Yes, you really do need someone with you who knows how to operate a camera. You can take turns so all of you have something to remember.

A few tips:

  • If you don’t know how to pose, check out the sample shots displayed on the corners to get an idea.
  • To capture great photos, look for the sticker on the floor.
  • Hungry? They have an onsite cafe near Monalisa bidding you adieu! (I’m serious…)

Art In Island Sample Shots



Art In Island (139)

Now it’s time to show you my Art In Island Adventure! I will be sharing a few of my favourite photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You’re not yet ready for the summer heat? Then start your summer adventure at Art In Island today! The 3D interactive museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 9:30am to 9:30pm. Selling of tickets is until 8pm only.

To get the latest updates, like their fan page:

Happy summer!

Clari Says, nice to meet you! Let’s create DIY projects, watch movies, go on food adventures and blog it all! Follow Clari Says on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram
Clari Says, nice to meet you! Let’s create DIY projects, watch movies, go on food adventures and blog it all! Follow Clari Says on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram

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