Bistro Remedios: The Best in Filipino Cuisine

Have you seen the new area at the ground floor of SM North EDSA, The Block? Like most people who visit different malls, not all explore a certain floor or building except when needed. I’m glad I was looking for something that day and decided to take a different route. If I did not, I wouldn’t have discovered the array of restaurants near SM Hypermarket.


From Japanese cuisine to Filipino favourites, you will find something that suits your taste buds. The one that caught my attention was Bistro Remedios.

Formerly known as Ang Bistro sa Remedios, the restaurant is also under The LJC Restaurant Group, the same group that manages Abe, Abe’s Farm, Fely J, Lorenzo’s Way, Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, and Larry’s Cafe & Bar. From it’s first branch in Malate to the newest branch at The Block, Bistro Remedios continues to offer and provide its customers the best Filipino cuisine.

From Manila to Quezon City

Since it was a Saturday, I brought my abuela and ninong along with me. From the carpark, we walked towards the elevator going to the ground floor. From there, we turned right then left to Hypermarket which to my surprise was a brightly lit ample space. On the side were different restaurants.

When my abuela saw Cafe Adriatico which is also part of The LJC Restaurant Group, she instantly told me that when she and my abuelo were still living in Manila they used to visit Cafe Adriatico and this restaurant in Remedios. I’m sure she was referring to the restaurant beside it. When she realized that was it, she wanted to have our lunch there.

Just like my abuela, I too wanted to eat at Bistro Remedios. From where I was standing, the restaurant made a great impression. There is plenty of space, the lighting is perfect, and the setting is gorgeous.

Moreover, the staff at Bistro Remedios were very accommodating. Upon entering, they will greet you the Filipino way which makes you feel very welcome. Then lead you to your desired table and hand the menu.

While waiting for the food, you will feel relaxed because of the chair. It was comfy, very comfy. Plus, you are surrounded by classic Filipino palamuti or decorations making you feel at home or at your ancestral home.

I was really amazed that despite being inside a mall, they were able to accomplish the “Bistro Remedios vibe”. If you look carefully, there are restaurants that failed to emit the vibe they want because they tend to overstuff. But Bistro Remedios made sure people also have the space they need.

Now, on to the food!

Bistro Remedios’ specialties include Binukadkad na Pla-Pla, Crispy Tadyang D’ Original, Sugpo sa Aligue, Knockout Knuckle, Oxtail Kare Kare, Bamboo Rice, and Sinuam na Mais. On this visit, we tried the following:

Sinuam na Mais

Start your meal with a fresh young corn soup complete with shrimps and chili leaves.

Ensaladang Pilipino

Just look at those fresh chayote leaves, eggplant, okra, tomatoes as well as salted eggs and semi-ripe mangoes, they are indeed perfect with the sautéed shrimp paste. Yum!

Knockout Knuckles

This is the Pinoy favourite crispy pata. Bistro Remedios calls it “Knockout Knuckles” due to the intensely delicious flavour from the overnight marination and deep-frying process along with garlic and chilies. Their Knockout Knuckles is to die for.

In fact, it was cited as the “best pork knuckle” by the famous food and travel writer, Madhur Jaffrey when she visited the country. So if you decide to eat here, make sure to order the Knockout Knuckles! You won’t be disappointed.

Of course, these wonderful dishes were partnered with a healthy Calamansi juice.

If you are out and you want to indulge in delectable authentic Filipino dishes, Bistro Remedios is always ready to welcome you. Visit them at 1911 M. Adriatico Street Remedios Circle, Malate Manila but if you are in Quezon City, they are located at SM North EDSA, The Block ground floor.

Happy eating!

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3 responses to “Bistro Remedios: The Best in Filipino Cuisine”

  1. What about the price of their foods in bistro remedios? Is it too pricey or affordable? Can you give a price range? Thanks!


    1. Hi Kat,

      With the amount of serving and the taste, I would say the prices of the food offered in Bistro Remedios are both reasonable and affordable.

      You can check the prices here:

      To be sure, try visiting any of their branches or calling them –

      Have a great day!
      ❤ Clari


  2. Sinuam na Mais is a very tasty dish but there are many different recipe and almost all the places cook it in a different way.


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