3 Things I Learned from 2 Broke Girls

Knowing about iflix a month before the year ends is indeed convenient. Why you ask? Well, December means it is almost time to take a break from work. So when my SUPER short break from work started, I watched a couple of movies as well as the full 4 seasons of 2 Broke Girls.

Before sharing the things I learned which are again perfect for the new year, let me introduce you to …

The Sitcom
Max Black (Kat Dennings), a streetwise young woman who works as a waitress at a Williamsburg diner in Brooklyn, New York City meets Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), the new waitress. Later on, Max learns that Caroline was a rich high society girl and the daughter of Martin Channing, the mastermind behind the Ponzi scheme.

Seeing and realizing Caroline does not have anything at all, Max helps her out by letting her stay in her apartment. There Caroline finds out that Max can bake great cupcakes resulting in a business opportunity as well as the great friendship between the two.

Let’s Play
The first time I watched this sitcom, I was fascinated by the on-screen chemistry of the two broke girls as well as the entire cast and instantly wanted to watch every episode. Unfortunately, I missed almost all. So when season 2 came, I decided not to watch and wait for the reruns.

Fast forward to December 2015, I saw an ad about iflix. Since no credit card required and no obligation, I decided to try the FREE one month trial!

After watching all 4 seasons, there are many things I learned, realized, and will finally acknowledge this year.

Love the little things in life

If not always, people often complain about how things are bad in their life.

The once rich now broke Caroline learned to enjoy the simple things in life especially when she hears Max say that she hadn’t done or owned something. Just because life is difficult does not mean we also have to make it more difficult. It’s up to us how we can make life lighter and fun like what Caroline did.

There was an episode where Max helped Caroline set up her Murphy bed in their living room apartment. When done, Caroline added in some elements that will make her happy. Plus, she encouraged Max to also create a dream board to keep them both inspired to reach their life goals. Those little things made both their journeys more fun and interesting.

Hold on to your true friends

If you are a Max, find your Caroline. And if you are a Caroline, you need a Max. These two aren’t the exact opposite but have the perfect personalities that meet in between.

To be honest, we need a little bit of the feisty yet funny, streetwise, and always-there-to-back-you-up Max in our lives. Though she seems tough, doesn’t say all the lovely words or do the right things, you will be very surprised once she does something for you.

However, we also need the smart, go-getter but loving Caroline. She will be the one to push us and encourage us to take the very last exam needed in order to get your high school diploma. Indeed, these two are perfect.

And to complete your broke but wonderful life, you also need to find someone like their friends at the diner – Han Lee, Earl, and Oleg as well as a neighbour/ friend – Sophie Kachinsky. These people are always there when the two broke girls need help.

Do not be afraid to take risks and hit the reset button

Max is the baker and Caroline is the smart one. Both want to open a cupcake shop and worked hard to achieve that. They even took the opportunity to open their first cupcake shop.

But when it failed, they continue to save and think ways to save even more. When they were about to give up, a window of opportunity literally opened! Now, they have a new shop located at the side of the diner. Though their cupcake business goes up and down, they still continue to work at the diner and find creative ways to bring their business up again.

In life, it is important to embrace the risks especially the mistakes because it helps you learn. And most of all, do not be afraid to hit the reset button. Sometimes when you clear everything and start blank, new and better ideas come out.


You can watch 2 Broke Girls on iflix. I am sure you will see what I am talking about. And as the year starts, I am bringing these wonderful realizations.

Happy New Year, dear reader and cheers to 2016!


MAIN PHOTO: During Max Black’s’ high school graduation. From: Facebook.com/2BrokeGirls/

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