Ways to Keep Hamsters Cool This Summer

Scorching sun, hot wind, and excessive thirst are a few downsides summer time brings. For pet lovers and owners, this is a time to keep an extra eye on your furry friends. Be conscious of their behaviors and mindful of their needs.

Ways to Keep Hamsters Cool This Summer

I’ve been taking care of hamsters for almost three years. I can’t say I’m an expert because there are times when I don’t know what to do which leads me to seek help from other owners and vets. Sometimes searching online which is definitely the fastest way to get answers. Everything is so easy with the Internet; however, with the proper experience and knowledge it will be a piece of cake!

Taking good care and being close with my cute and cuddly hamsters, I’ve learned their attitude and understood their behavior. That is why it became easy knowing their needs and wants especially during this season.

In this blog post, I will be sharing basic ways to keep hamsters cool this summer.

Home, Position and Surroundings
Which one will you choose – a room with windows or none? Definitely the one with windows, am I right? Same goes for hamsters. That is why I place them in cages. I know that some keep them in large aquariums and bins. These are good homes for hamsters, to be honest. It gives them enough space to move around.


However, each hamster is different. I’ve tried placing them in a huge bin but ended up converting it into a playground because they love to climb and climb and did I mention climb? Not to mention, cages are well-ventilated and comes in various sizes. Just be careful where you place them in your home.

Position the cage away from direct heat. Around 7:30 am, I transfer them from the sala to the table in our terrace. These are the best places in our home during summer. There’s fresh air, it’s away from the sun and surrounded by plants.

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When summer started, I noticed that they wake up many times and move around. They looked exhausted probably to lack of sleep. But when I transferred them in our sala (during night) and terrace (mornings), my hamsters are now able to sleep soundly during the day and play all night.

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Food, Water and Basic Things
Now to other basic yet essential things. Just like humans, hamsters need food and a certain amount of water daily. Always check their food supply especially the water. Make sure they are able to drink water from their bottle and refill/ change them daily.


Since it is summer, it would be a good way to provide them with cold water when the temperature rises. My hamsters have their own supply of clean water in our kitchen. What I do is pour a small amount in another container and put it the fridge. If I feel that the temperature is quite hot, I instantly replace their water with a cold one.

Also, remove all unnecessary things in their cages during the day. Clearing it would make it easier for the air to pass in and out of their cages.

Summer Playtime
Once you’ve considered and actioned the essential parts, think about their play time!

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Hamsters love to play, right? But due to the heat, you might have second thoughts about toys such as hamster balls. I think hamster balls are fine. My hamsters love them. In fact, they each have one. If you don’t put them there on schedule, they will wake up early the next day to bug you. If only they could talk, they’ll tell you to let them play there.

If your hamsters love hamster balls, please allow them to play.

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For safety, carefully choose the spot where they can play freely. At home, there are two places they can run around – terrace and kitchen. Both are designed in a long I-shape and are quite wide. I simply clear out the place to give them space. It’s best to watch them; however, there are times when you have a work to do. But since my room is next to the kitchen, I just leave my door and window open so I can hear them playing.

And when I hear them stop, I immediately check up on them. You’ll definitely know if they still want to play or not. If they are done, make sure that the food especially water supply are full. They will definitely drink or eat once they return home.

And if you are still doubtful, let them play in a box or on the table. keep an eye on them though, as they will definitely explore the world. 🙂

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These are only a few simple ways to keep hamsters cool during summer. There are still various ways such as giving them slices of fruits once a week, cooling their ceramic hideaway, and placing a cooling stone. These are great ways to be honest. Just DON’T FORGET to make basics things like checking their water supply and cage set up a priority.

Happy summer!


3 Replies to “Ways to Keep Hamsters Cool This Summer”

  1. Guest

    Thank you for posting this great article. I’ve been reading for a while but I’ve never actually left a comment. I’ve bookmarked your blog and shared this on my Facebook. Many thanks again for a great article!

  2. Steph

    These pictures of hamsters in tiny cages with back breaking wheels honestly made me cry for the poor things, and the fact you’ve been doing it for years and think that’s ok. Are you serious? The hamsters are only climbing in these tiny cages because they are desparate to escape from their prison, it is not for fun. They are distressed. Place them in large cages (1 metre long) and they will stop climbing. They also need much larger wheels, at least 20 cm, 30 cm better.

    • Clari Says

      Hi Steph,

      Perhaps you are referring to the cage in the main image?

      I understand your concern but those are not their cages. I only use those little ones when I clean their real homes which are indeed a lot bigger. I know my hamsters very well and know that they are not distressed. Plus, hamsters do love to climb.

      It’s my fault I did not mention that the photos were taken during the “cleaning session”. That is also the reason why there are many different cages.

      Also, they are no longer using this wheel. The only hamster who used this type of wheel was the small one (when he was still small, of course) but when he grew bigger, I removed it from the caged. No hamster is using this anymore. That is why I bought hamster balls which they really love.

      Thank you,

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